DAZED AND INFUSED: The Potent Pre-Roll We’re Smoking This Fall

Despite being a prolific medical marijuana user, I had never smoked an infused pre-roll! I knew it’d be a lot cooler if I did, but as an unemployed mom, double digit pre-rolls weren’t in the budget. Simple as that.

But after smoking the strain-specific Dazed and Infused™ pre-roll, my mind has been changed. Let’s find out why.

Meet Dazed and Infused™ FPOG Pre-Roll.

Dazed and Infused pre-roll made next-level by FPOG flower, kief and distillate grown by Fire Leaf Farms

This infused pre-roll is made of FPOG flower, FPOG kief, and super potent distillate.

“FPOG” is what the cool kids call Fruity Pebbles OG, an indica-dominant hybrid — which I love! This particular FPOG flower is grown at Fire Leaf Farms and is competing with the nation’s best growers this week at Harvest Fest 2020.

Now this looks like a joint that means business! The distillate is not visible as I roll the filter between my fingers, but the heavy coating of kief sure is!

Taste & Smell
The roll itself smelled delicious straight from the package! I was a little worried about how the distillate would impact the taste, but I really didn’t notice much difference. The joint was extremely smooth and flavorful. No lung-seizing coughs or harshness.

Volumes could be written on the taste of the FPOG in this joint. It was bright berry on my lips with a hint of citrus on the inhale. But it was the exhale where this flower really starts to set itself apart from the pack.

It had the exact flavor profile of a bite of Fruity Pebbles cereal, and somehow it even had a lingering taste that mimics the texture of the actual cereal grain.

Yes, I just asked you to believe that I tasted texture. But only because it’s true. Maybe that speaks to the high. I can’t help but to feel bad for the poor bastards competing against this strain at Harvest Cup.

This joint had similar effects as other Fruity Pebbles strains I’ve tried — but on steroids — which is fantastic for this girl. I’m tired of smoking joints all day just to get relief from the symptoms of my chronic health condition.

Me and Weed Dad decided to light it up on Saturday. We had things to do, like lounge at the pool. I wanted to find out how long the roll would effect me. For $18, it should get me good and relaxed for a long while.

The Dazed and Infused pre-roll is so good it made me not realize my eyes were closed!

About midway down the cone, I asked Weed Dad, “Is this a creeper strain?” and right on cue, the hairs on my arms raised. I said, “Oh here it is!”

The high felt like it crept up my arms into my head. My face became numb. I think I was smiling, and I know I was laughing. Weed Dad, who unlike me doesn’t smoke like Willie Nelson, was so high off his ass he tapped out! I had to finish this mission solo.

I got so high that I started losing my balance and realized it was because I had my eyes closed. The Dazed and Infused pre-roll is so good it made me not realize my eyes were closed! Let that sink in.

Thankfully, that extreme high did not last too long. We took a moment to collect ourselves and then went about our day as planned. The FPOG settled into a really nice, mellow — even relaxed — high that I loved. It was the perfect Saturday high.

This had similar effects as other Fruity Pebbles strains I’ve tried — but on steroids! It worked great against my depression, lifting my mood and keeping me 100% free from anxiety.

The FPOG Dazed and Infused pre-roll (which is also available in Lemon Kush) was smooth and tasted otherworldly in the best way. The effects were amazing (see “High”) above!

Guys, I smoked that infused pre-roll at 10 a.m. and didn’t need anything else until late that evening. That’s a big deal for me! I would much prefer to medicate in the morning and then go about my day not smelling like Tommy Chong.

—This joint was a huge win for Weed Mom, who wishes the same for this strain at Harvest Cup 2020!

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