Friday Weed Deals Celebrity Edition

Celebrities love weed, athletes love weed, musicians love weed, just about everybody loves weed. Some celebrities even have their own weed brands: Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart. Wait, what? Martha Stewart? You know she and Snoop smoke out together.

Those brands aren’t in Oklahoma, because they clearly underestimated our capacity to consume cannabis. But where there’s a will there’s a way. Here’s where to get some of the buzz-worthy celebrity weed products — along with some sleeper buys that deserve fame in their own right.

Clones from The Joint
  • Let’s not forget who the real celebrities are..the plants with superior genetics! The Joint has clones $45 (large) and $20 (small).
  • Everything’s OK™ dabs 3 for $110 OTD, six flavors to choose from!
  • $260 OTD ounces on two tiers that include eight strains! Smoke like a celebrity without spending like one.

Jay and Silent Bob, not scared to come to Oklahoma

Stability Cannabis (ALWAYS OPEN!) Apothecary Sale

  • Apothecary Extracts™ $30/gram or 4 for $100 this week!
  • First-time patients get a coupon for BOGO 50% off (equal or lesser value) on their next visit (within 10 days). Select from up to 30 strains of flower, Perfect Ratio™ concentrates and pre-rolls. Tell me that is not worth a visit!

Weed Mom’s Flower Deal of The Week

Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa apparently loves weed so much he created his own strain and of course just named it after himself. When you’re that cool why not? Next Elevation in Moore has an ounce for $249.22 OTD. They also have a 25% first-timer discount. That drops the price below $200 for newbies!

Edibles, Yummy

Be. Careful. With. 1,000mg.

Korova isn’t a celebrity weed brand, but I feel like that three-eyed cow IS a celebrity. Can you imagine eating 1,000mg of THC?? Well you don’t have to imagine it. Project Releaf has this baby for $82.16. If it’s your first time stopping in you’ll, get 20% off and two penny pre-rolls!

Soon-to-Be Celebrities

Bong Water-brand THC-infused drinks

I didn’t think you were supposed to drink bong water? Against all reason, these guys somehow made something that sounds supergross into a marketable product. It comes in 200mg and 500mg bottles. Canna-Bus Dispensary has the 500mg bottles for $40. You didn’t think I was sending you for the smaller one did you? Too much of a commitment? Stop into Fire Leaf and get a sample for a pennythen purchase the big boy for $45. 😉

—Weed Mom thinks there are too many phenomenal growers in Oklahoma to buy kitschy celebrity products…unless they are Oklahoma celebrities.

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