We’re Sweet on Oklahoma Dab Lab’s Lemon Cheese Quake Sugar

Greeting Sportsfans! What a return for professional football this last week. I now have something to distract me from the crushing disappointment I feel as a Thunder fan. Considering our early exit from the bubble, and elimination from title contention for yet another season, I am heated. I may be a little biased, but we got robbed OKC! ?

The sting of that loss was forgotten for a moment, when I was lucky enough to score some award-winning sugar, courtesy of Oklahoma Dab Lab. Their products are sold exclusively at Fire Leaf, with expansion into other premier dispensaries planned for later this year.

Turns out this was the perfect sativa for my Monday night football shuffle. Testing at 59.38% total THC, with a full spectrum cannabinoid profile, 2019 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup Sativa Concentrate 1st place winner…

Meet Lemon Cheese Quake Sugar!

Just a little dab will do, though I prefer a few! ?

Lemon Cheese Quake is a supremely citrusy, sativa-dominant cross of Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese. The lineage of this strain can be traced back to Amsterdam; I am glad it found its way to Oklahoma and that someone made some sugar out of it! From first smell, to last exhale, this stuff was definitely award-worthy!


Gorgeous gold and amber colored Lemon Cheese Quake Sugar

The sugar is a light amber or straw color displayed in thick golden clusters of glittery chunks. It is lighter and crystalline around the edges. It is easy to work with, not too sticky to get the sugar out of the jar.

4 out of 5 ?


Bright, fresh, ripe, zesty lemons! The tart nature is balanced out with a sugary sweetness that was hard to pin down. I picked up some orange, pine, and pepper further down the line. It smells almost identical to some Super Lemon Haze flower I currently have at home. It is astounding how the essence of the strain was captured so accurately. BRAVO!

5 out of 5 ?


Wow! My immediate thought is that the processors that made this stuff get an “A+!” The lemon blends into a rich, creamy, zest — similar to that of a fresh lemon pastry. This gives way to the slight taste of rubber. Although not usually my favorite, the “tire terps” in this sugar were subtle. The combination was over-the-top!

5 out of 5 ?


The dab rolls over me like a warm blanket, both literally and figuratively. The THC hits me like a big ol’ sativa wake-up slap in the face, and I get a nice sweat going. The chest expansion of this stuff was off the charts. Using a nectar collector I was able to get 2 to 3 good sized hits out of one decent sized chunk. It was super smooth, like jazz. No wheezing, eye popping, chest grabbing coughing fits. I relaxed and let a ever-growing cheer take a hold of me. I felt invigorated, alert, and all around overjoyed.

5 out of 5 ?


Going into this review, I had never been to a Fire Leaf dispensary, and I had never heard of Oklahoma Dab Lab … or even the strain Lemon Cheese Quake, for that matter! But I can tell you this: I’m gonna head down there on payday and check out a couple different strains.

I am a freak when it comes to lemon flavored stuff, and I know I’m not alone! If you are into dabs, lemon, energy and joy, this sativa sugar is a gimme! Like that old saying goes, “just a dab will do ya,” but I recommend a few! ?

4.5 out of 5 ?

—Jingo thinks Oklahoma Dab Lab’s Lemon Cheese Quake sugar pairs nicely with screaming at your TV while watching sports.

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