Weed Deals for a DIY Oklahoma State Fair Weekend

Oklahoma State Fair revelers back in another lifetime / before COVID-19

The ill-fated Great State Fair of Oklahoma would have kicked off this week. The last time I went, I drove a 1999 Cavalier. I remember, because someone side-swiped my precious car in the grassy lot. Since then, I’ve steered clear (besides, I don’t own a single pair of jorts).

To help ease the pain of losing this significant cultural event we all love to hate, I found you some great deals on pot to blow your fair money on. If you behave badly enough, it will feel like the real thing!

Deals, Swag & Freebies

  • Fire Leaf’s Edmond location is having a big anniversary sale TODAY from 3-6 p.m. with tons of vendors, deals, swag, and freebies!
  • Mix & match dabbables 3 for $100 OTD. Choose from: Apothecary Extracts, Oklahoma Dab Lab (Hello, Lemon Cheese Quake!) Noble Nectar, 77 Extracts, and Modern Hippy at select stores.
  • $3 pre-rolls & $25 carts everyday!

  • Mama, let’s whip us up somma them fine Oklahoma State Fair foods…with weed! You can, with this Home Infusion Kit: 240mg THC for $46.25.
  • Need to restock your flower shelf? The Joint is known for their fine flower and wide selection. $260 OTD ounces. Includes TOP SHELF. You can even pick two half-ounces for the same price!

Weed Mom’s Flower Pick of the Week

Last year at Cannabis Cup, Cody Canada played some of his old rockabilly songs to a confused, stoned hipster crowd, and in between songs he talked about his cannabis company of course. Why else would he be there? Buy this pre-roll pack, slip it in your back pocket and instead of a skoal ring you have a pre-roll rectangle. Boys from Oklahoma Rolling Co. 5-pack of pre-rolls is $30.00 at House of ReLEAF.

Well, This is Fucking Weird

These seem like something your uncle Rufus would have tucked inside his overalls. If you are missing out on your turkey leg from the cancelled Oklahoma State Fair, maybe these will scratch the itch. Get Turkey Tail Mushroom & Cannabis Capsules from Get Bak’d in Edmond for $20 or $40.

Oklahoma State Fair-Inspired Edibles

  • Flippin’ Farms knows how to make peanut brittle worth breaking a tooth for. Green Roots Wellness has this 50mg Brittle Bar for $10.

  • Maverik Edibles makes a caramel corn version of THC popcorn. It has 500mg THC for $40.00 from Classen Kush House.

  • Maverik also makes Fire Fries! Pick them up for the same sweet price of $40.00 for 500mg THC while you’re still at Classen Kush House.

If you’re still missing the State Fair, go outside and spin around in the yard until you throw up.

—Until next week, my pot head friends. Stay high and be kind.

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