Weed Deals For Fall Fun & Football

It’s officially fall and football season. I love fall. Cooler weather, hoodies, hiking without dying of sweat, flannels, and the leaves changing colors are all things I love to enjoy while toking on a nice fat joint.

Men bashing their heads together, grabbing their crotches, and patting each other on their asses isn’t my thing. But to each their own.

One thing we can all agree on is that marijuana is magnificent — so let’s get to the deals…

  • Take a Trip™ Shatter, Badder and Sugar on sale for $19.99 this week at Stability! With this deal, you’ll feel like you’re at the game… not just watching at home alone screaming at the TV.

Football and fall weather both bring on aches and pains. I feel like an 80-year-old lady getting out of bed on chilly mornings. I think it’s time to check out some topical creams:

Being old and rickety is expensive, but joining The Joint’s rewards program can help out.

New patients, ya’ll get 20% your first visit! Pro tip: Use your deep discount to stock up on Outlaw Edibles™ 25mg Gummi Bites — we’re obsessed! Get VIP in five seconds and never miss a deal!

Weed Mom’s Flower Pick Of The Week

COVID unemployment ran out a while ago, and my regular unemployment is about to end, too, so no more premium flower for Weed Mom. Thankfully, Highley Green has some good deals this week:

  • $89/$99 per-ounce strains — 12 to choose from
  • $50/$40 per-half-ounce top shelf shake — 12 strains to choose from
  • Claim these deals on Weedmaps

Project Releaf

Project Releaf is known for its daily deals, and today’s is one you don’t want to miss: Five Dollar Fridayz: $5 Grams all day on select strains.

$25 Game Day Lunchbox!

Kissing Clouds Holistic Healing has the hookup for game day, with this $25 lunch box set:

  • 2 sample edibles,
  • 1 pre-roll,
  • 1 gram of flower, and
  • THC drink.

Also perfect for a newbie trying out ganja on a budget.

Thank You!

Usually I end with something crazy or out of this world. But not today.

I was fortunate to stumble across Joe’s Herb Cabinet and wanted to give them a shout out. Joe is trying to help out fellow Oklahomans as much as possible by giving deals to our heroes, and I appreciate that! Additional 10% off (stackable!) for:

  • Teachers
  • Medical workers
  • First responders
  • Veterans
  • Cancer patients
  • Disabled
  • Unemployed

Thank you, Joe!

— Until next week stay high, and be kind.

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