Citradelic Sunset: Jingo Smokes Oklahoma’s Trippy, Fire Sky

The first day of autumn has come and passed, and the weather in OKC has been so outstanding I actually sat outside on a bench to write this review. Can’t blame me for really wanted to enjoy the start of my favorite season… all three weeks of it!

So I checked into my favorite spot, Project Releaf. They have a great selection, I can usually get in-and-out quickly, and it’s centrally located. They were running a special on premium shelf flower, 2 grams for $15, and it didn’t take long to put my eyes on the prize: I snagged a big, fat, nug of Citradelic Sunset!

Meet Citradelic Sunset

Citradelic Sunset, famous for its frosty buds and trippy, vibrantly hued leaves


Citradelic Sunset is the aromatic and oh-so-groovy lovechild of the sweet sativa, Ghost Train Haze and heavy hitting indica Mandarin Sunset. This stuff is an all-day smoke!

Balanced and beautiful, this strain is known for it’s mild, somewhat trippy head high, lengthy body high and effectiveness at treating anxiety and arthritis. This Citradelic Sunset flower was grown by Abundant Green Releaf out of Crescent, Oklahoma, and tests in at 20.84% THC.


Citradelic Sunset bud, grown by Abundant Green Releaf and available at Project Releaf in OKC

The growers did a great job with this one! I examine a 3.6-gram miniature Christmas tree — fully decked with hairs like deep red ribbons and trichomes gleaming like icicle lights!

The flower has dark green tendrils simply glistening with crystals. They are reaching out every which way from the stem. As you move further toward the center of the bud, it turns to an almost electric, bright green.

5 out of 5 ?


When I first opened the dram, I could smell a little bit of citrus and pine. Nothing really caught me off guard until I broke it up. Moments later, there was an explosion of terps that blasted me into Terp Dimension 420 X (ganjanauts know all about that).

Tart lemon and orange peels, sweet red cherry, and tons of licorice — it through me for a loop. This was followed up by a quick 1-2 combination of honey and pine. All this was tied together with an earthy finish, similar to how potting soil smells. Soooooo much going on in this jar, I could just sit here sniffin’ it all day!

5 out of 5 ?

The effects were a little disorienting at first and could be described as mildly psychedelic.


I was all-in until I loaded a bowl and took her for a whirl. The first hit, although not necessarily harsh, just tasted like dirt. Could have been luck of the draw, but I decided this was probably “joint weed.” I rolled up a doober and burned it down. Much more enjoyable flavor in the joint. Lots of lemon and licorice. Not bad, not great.

3 out of 5 ?

High, Effects

The high came on slowly and was very physically relaxing — the experiential equivalent of gazing from a hammock at a mesmerizing Oklahoma sunset. However, I found it to be very mentally stimulating.

The effects were a little disorienting at first and could be described as mildly psychedelic. I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain, which Citradelic Sunset did somewhat alleviate. I felt very at ease, confirming reports that this strain works well for treating anxiety.

It was just the right smoke for losing myself in the natural splendor of my back yard. Don’t let the name fool you; this stuff was just as good at sunset as it was for a wake-and-bake!

4 out of 5 ?


I was impressed with this strain, from start to finish and was able to smoke it all day and still function normally. It kept my pain to a manageable level but did not make me too sleepy.

What a great strain for Abundant Green Releaf to cultivate for the amazing medical patients of Oklahoma! Is this a Great State or what!

4 out of 5 ?

—Until next time, “Be excellent to each other.

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  1. Hey, cool writing man ! Keep it up !!
    Really enjoy the humorous comments.
    I’m in,, can’t wait to try it.

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