Friday Weed Deals: Naughty Teacher (That’s You!) Edition

If you have a child, live in the greater OKC Metro Area — and can’t afford private school — your little monster is doing some form of “virtual” at-home learning. That makes parents  unwitting teachers who deserve some deep weed discounts.

I need some new ideas to spice up my kid’s remote days, so I watched Bad Teacher when they were actually at school. I think I’m ready now! Smoke pot with the gym teacher; steal the state test (like they even matter); and give those pain-in-the-ass Edmond moms Poison Ivy.

Now let’s get to the weed deals to make this Bad Teacher fantasy come true!

School seems to have let out for summer in March, and I’m not sure if it will ever return to normal. Let yourself know now how much you appreciate yourself — and how much cooler you are than the other parents — with the Dazed and Infused line of pre-rolls. Strain-specific, 1-gram of flower, doused with distillate and kief. Good lord. $18 each and worth every penny.

These are the potent pre-rolls we’re smoking this fall, and you really need to try these. Wow!

The Joint now has 3 locations: OKC, Newcastle, and *new* Edmond.

  • Top Shelf Fire! Choose from 4 different strains: $225 Top Shelf Ounce (tax not included).
  • Too expensive for your wallet on that teacher salary? Then this deal might be for you and ME!! $150 OTD Ounces. A great sativa, indica and hybrid selection! You can pick 2 1/2 ounces for the deal! Includes the following strains: Glueberry, Thinmint GSC, Sunday Driver, Strawberry Banana, Sour OG, SFV OG, Purple Mountain Majesty, Napoli Pink, OG Kush, Jet Fuel, ChemDawg Bio Diesel. Limited quantities. First come, first served.

  • Dandy Lion 1g cartridges on sale for $29.99!

  • 77 Extracts LIVE RESIN on sale for $29.99!

Releaf Dispensary carries several very interesting products I would like to tryout. For, um let’s say various reasons.

Weed Mom’s Flower Pick of The Week

The Classen Collective has you covered on flower this week with a little something for everybody.

Vape Deals

Stealthy vaping isn’t just for the kids. Teachers are going to need some help this year dealing with asshole parents who think the educational system is Burger King. Bitch, you can’t have it your way.

420 Apothecary has the deal for you! Pick Up ANY Sunday Extracts 1g Vape Cart OR Cartel Oil Company 1200mg Vape Cart For ONLY $35 INCLUDING TAX!! **Limit 2 Per Patient** While Supplies Last***

Teacher Appreciation Day

EEEKKKK…The first round of parent teacher conferences are right around the corner, and some of you need to do some major sucking up.

—Until next time stay high and be kind. And don’t interrupt people it’s fucking rude!!!

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