Double Déjà Vu: The Strain That Blew Our Minds Twice

This review wasn’t even supposed to happen.

I popped in to Classen Kush House in downtown Oklahoma City to pick up “Something fun” for the weekend, which is every day now. I had no intention of writing about it.

My budtender smiled broadly when she told me about a strain she’d been smoking and was crazy about — I was like, “Sold!”

Double Déjà Vu, a solid indica strain known for its heady euphoria, long-lasting high and ability to both relax and stimulate creativity

Meet Double Déjà Vu.

Aside from having one in my early 20s so powerful I had stand up in the middle of a business meeting and slap myself to stop it unfolding, I knew nothing about Double Déjà Vu.


Double Déjà Vu bud by R.B. cultivators | available at Classen Kush House, $12/g OTD

The buds were respectable in size, with a distinctive orange hue that twinkled with trichomes in the sun. They were sticky to the touch, as I broke them up and placed them in the grinder.

Smell + Taste

In the dispensary, when the lid came off the huge glass jar of Double Déjà Vu, I was treated to a fresh punch in the face. Strong. It smelled clean yet earthy…and bright. Even more so after a few twists of the grinder.

Bong loaded for action

Inhaling on the bong, I taste spice, which turns up to pine on the exhale. I like to exhale slowly from my nostrils when I’m really trying to taste the smell. That’s real talk. I love the flavor, I love the smell, and I love that it does not make me cough. What an easy smoke!


Here is where it gets fun. Fast.

As I exhale my second hit of Double Déjà Vu, I feel it. It’s a rush of euphoria that hits hard and makes my eyelids feel low but not heavy. Body relaxed and melting into the patio chair it was previously perched on.

Halfway through the bowl I say to myself except the words also come out of my mouth: “Wow! I am high as fuck.” I don’t feel chatty or keyed-up, but I don’t feel tired, either…I just want to sit there with my mind and see where it takes me.

Myself, always with a weed journal on hand to capture high ideas and observations

Well, it takes me way out — thinking deeply and weirdly, which I’m now starting to realize is just what happens when I’m *really* high. Like ganjanaut high.

Sitting in silence, feeling happy at the trees swaying in the breeze and birds playing grab-ass in the back yard, my mind drifts lovingly over the individual people in my life and expands outwards to include the People of Earth and how the fuck we fix this shit.

Then a “highdea” strikes me in the form of a question and an answer all at once, and I try to scribble down the words as fast as they come:

“What if we entered each human interaction with the intention of leaving that person better for the knowing of you?”

“The world would change INSTANTLY.”

I got Happy at the idea of that, lingering in that space for a while.

An hour later, I realized I was still sitting in the same chair, and I was still high. I had zero anxiety and no munchies. Just a blissed out feeling that was mellowing into a desire to take a nap (which I did).


The wonderful world of weed is so diverse I very rarely find myself experiencing the same strain twice. This Double Déjà Vu blew my mind to such a degree that it has claimed a spot on my very important list of life exceptions.

Pick this flower for an experience of peace, euphoria and creativity. Lovers! Writers! Dreamers! Peaceniks! Artists of every shape form and flavor! This strain is for you.

Do not pick this strain if you need to mow the lawn or perform some other form of active drudgery. You won’t have time for that shit. You’ll be busy relaxing and solving the problem of Earth, which is the problem of us.

—Beth will waltz right into Classen Kush House later today, and it will be Double Déjà Vu all over again.

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