Citrus Sap: The Pungent Morning Strain We’re Smoking This Week

Been feeling a bit cooped up lately and, as a bonafide human, I hunger for excitement and connection. Those would be found on this particular afternoon, planning an outing with a buddy to buy weed and play some frisbee-golf. Field trip!

Masked up, we loaded into the car en route to Craft Cannabis in Edmond. I love swinging by new dispensaries! I have always enjoyed the flower Craft has grown and sold via other dispensaries, but I hadn’t made time yet to visit their storefront.

After they got me checked, my budtender Blake informed me of the first-time patient 25% off discount. We went through about ten jars as we discussed the flower. I bounced around from case to case to see if I was missing anything and bought some Lavender Jones, Chemdawg…and today’s rockstar strain:

Meet Citrus Sap

Citrus Sap flower grown and photographed by Craft Cannabis Co., available at Craft Cannabis dispensary in Edmond


Citrus Sap has oozed it’s way onto my radar over the last year, and I have yet to be disappointed. Citrus Sap is the sativa-dominant offspring of a gassy Gorilla Glue #4 and a tart and tangy Tangie plant. The result was something even better than anyone could expect. Craft’s Citrus Sap tested at 22.73% THC.


These are some photogenic buds – I only wish you could smell this picture!

There is some dark green water leaf twisting around the base and center structure of the bud. This little girl could use some quality salon time. The flower is light green, and it is coated in trichomes laying over one another in little clusters. She is fluffy but not too sticky and covered with orange and red hairs. The texture seems great for rolling joints!

I am gonna smoke a bowl, then a joint, and I will let you know how it goes!

Smell + Taste

I have been encountering a lot of flower lately that is just not that aromatic. Citrus Sap is terpy as hell! A good combination of orange and warm, soft cheese, with a hint of gas and pine on the finish. This stuff smells REALLY cheesy. I think this smell could actually turn some smokers off to it. Not this guy! I am all about it.

I load some into my chillum and give it a shot. The flavor boasts the orange qualities, a slight bit of gas and definite pine notes. But I don’t catch the cheesy flavor! The smoke is a little harsh but not bad enough to stop smoking or anything.

There was an aftertaste of BBQ or liquid smoke. It was not unpleasant. Very enjoyable.

Effects + High

I always arrange my bong with fresh fruit… really heightens the experience! ?
  • The high set in quickly!
  • Really nice, balanced, head-and-body, great-for-a-wake-and-bake kinda high!
  • Great with my morning coffee, while I played with my cats.
  • Great for waking up my girlfriend and smiling through the 15 seconds of the day she undoubtedly hates me.
  • Perfect for writing this review.
  • My pain is at a very manageable level.
  • Cheery, happy, hungry and hazy!
  • I really could not be happier with this high — what a great way to start the day!


Craft Cannabis and their superstar, Citrus Sap, absolutely crushed it this week!

WHERE IT SHINES: The all-around positive qualities of this flower are too many to count! Great for pain relief, focus, energy, creativity, and laughter — it hit all the right notes!

WHERE IT COULD IMPROVE: It burns a little quickly, and it could have been a little more smooth…but come on! Those were the only two downsides I could find.

VERDICT: Striking in appearance and shimmering like stars in a green, stoner sky, she’s pungent as hell — with a high that’ll last. Head down to Craft for some Citrus Sap; that’s my verdict.

—Some nights, when it is reeeaalll quiet, people say you can hear Jingo taking bong rips in the wind.

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