This 10-Year-Old Boy is Oklahoma’s New Medical Marijuana Hero

We like to kid that to our medical marijuana program is ‘recreational with a fee,’ because of the loose rules. But for some people, marijuana is a medical miracle that has changed their lives. I am one of those people.

So is 10-year old Oklahoman Bryson Jones, who is a personal hero of The Happy Ogle. Not because he legally uses medical cannabis to manage his neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome — but because he is kind and wise and fierce and will change minds about marijuana.

Meet Bryson…

…who told his story in this one-minute video, posted to his Instagram profile:

If a one-minute video is a concentration stretch for a dreary Monday morning, here’s the scoop:

Bryson uses a 4:1 ratio CBD:THC tincture to help alleviate his Tourette’s symptoms, which can include uncontrollable blinking; eye rolling; grimacing; shoulder shrugging; jerking of the head or other limbs; jumping; twirling; and verbal “ticks.”

When your body and brain are at odds, it’s zero fun. Any tincture with a CBD:THC ratio of 4:1 or higher is non-psychotropic, so 10-year-old Bryce does NOT get high.

It just helps him be calm and not nervous, so he can focus at school. Bryson also uses it before boxing and karate to get through training without an episode. He seems way more active than most kids, who just sit behind their screens any chance they get.

Bryson’s message isn’t all about weed. He pep talks peers on bullying and wants to be a voice for kids! He also recognizes that marijuana might not be for everybody and that he’s not a doctor (though he seems smarter than a lot of doctors I’ve come across).

I got sucked into Bryson’s Instagram profile, and this kid could definitely kick Uncle Skunk’s ass! He has serious Taekwondo skills. His feet and hands move like lightening. I followed him because I need motivation to workout. He’s also a really cool, funny kid. He encourages kids to get back up if life knocks you down.

How does a child legally access medical marijuana?

For a minor to become a medical marijuana patient is very similar to adults, except they need two doctor’s recommendation and of course a parent or legal guardian’s signature. Details and ‘Minor Patient Application’ info are on the OMMA website.

—Weed Mom is inspired by the tenacious Bryson Jones, living life to the fullest and in service to others. We could all take a lesson from this sparkly spirit.

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  1. Great story Melissa. The creator gave us the cure for all afflictions of man. It is here we just have to find it. And find it before the greed of man destroys it. And greed has no political affiliation.

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