Blueberry Muffins: Easy Like Sunday Morning

It’s been awhile, folks, and like any good uncle, I come and go with the breeze — with that wind being a slight slump in my funding. I have to be frugal in times such as these, but when I got a whiff of what they were slinging over at Dank’s Wellness Emporium in Norman, I knew I had to bust out the sock money to sample some of the sweet treats they were offering.

Grown by Big Poppas down near Ada, these buds came in at a low price and high +20% THC that got this Skunkle ready to blaze and not burn my biscuits too much!

Say Hello to Blueberry Muffins!

Blueberry Muffins buds shown in Uncle Skunk’s very own muffin pan.


Stick your snout inside a box of these, and only then will you truly know the smell of this strain!

You know I’m a sniffer and not a wiffer, so believe me when I tell you this strain’s scent is akin to something we’ve all hopefully experienced: If you go out and buy a bag of those mini blueberry muffins made by Little Debbie, open it up and stick your nose deep inside that bag while taking a deep inhale — then you’ll get the idea of what this strain of cannabis smells like.

From the sweet and starchy, yeasty, bread-like smells to the slight twangy musk of the berries, this is a batch of bud that’s sure to complete your balanced wake-and-bake.


Closeup, proving Blueberry Muffins is a top-shelf looker.

From tip to top, these buds were covered in an array of dark blue and navy hued leaves, giving it a bruised look like that of a fresh picked berry that’s been grabbed a little overzealously. I don’t know if you know what that looks like, since Oklahoma has a shitty wild berry selection. Anyways, if you don’t enjoy deeper hued grass, this one will lead you to the other side and show you how cool it can be.

Breaking it up by hand, I found these were the stickiest of the ickies I had encountered in some time. Like a thickly iced bun, the outside buds stuck together well, but underneath the glazed exterior was a well-cured and slightly less clingy flower.

Loading it in my pipe, the smoke was actually a bit harsh on the first draw, like I wasn’t used to such a resinous strain of weed from only smoking shake for too long. After my wimpy lungs got used to the difference, it burned smoothly and I imagined would be perfect in a blunt if I could justify it.

This one was a creeper and took longer to get up to the usual dosage that I like. After a few tokes, the surprise came when I continued to climb deeper into the high than I anticipated. The whole time I was expanding more and more into that mindstate, I was very calm and relaxed…almost as if I had slept in until 10:30 with nothing to do but leisurely make muffins and eat them while watching a morning shower pass by.

It really was apparent that Blueberry Muffins leans a bit indica-dominant for a hybrid, but that didn’t bother me one bit, because Bob Ross comes on OETA soon and I don’t want to miss that!


5/5 Skunks ?????

With a high headroom for a cozy little breakfast nook, this strain is a wonderful relaxant that takes all the good smells of these delectable breakfast staples — without the calories!

It’s easy like Sunday morning in the sense that you stopped going to church after being guilt tripped into going for so many years and you now can never imagine waking up and going back to that place.

—Uncle Skunk is a Pastafarian and goes to dream church every Sunday.

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