Grapenstein: Grab Your Torches and Head for Norman!

In the spine-tingling spirit of Halloween and 2020 in general, I was dying to review something MONSTROUS — something larger than life — a cannabis flower destined for the Silver Screen!

That was facilitated by Norman’s newest dispensary, Private Reserve Gardens, located at 588 Buchanan.

Inside Private Reserve Gardens dispensary in Norman, only hours before soft opening to the public

PRG was gracious enough to entertain me at their newest location, the former Higher Grounds Dispensary, only HOURS before their soft opening to the public. I got to meet two of the proprietors, Nick and Eddy, and was given a little tour. The vibe is Campus Corner to the max! This place is great! I am gonna get my mom shopping here!

It was after we did some dabs and had some good conversation that I ran into “Uncle Sam” himself…and then I snagged what I had come for.

It’s alive, it’s ALIVE!

Meet Grapenstein by PRG

This beautiful, indica-dominant strain may have you sleeping like the dead

Grapenstein is one of the hallmark strains from Private Reserve Gardens, growers of their own bud (Imagine That!). It is the result of mad scientists stitching together the corpses of a lovely Larry OG plant and possibly Jonestown’s Purple Punch, myahahahaha! This is an indica dominant strain that may have you sleeping…like the dead.


Grapenstein, with orange and red hairs leaping outwards from the bud, in contrast to the purple backdrop

The combination of green, purple and a thick layer of pale off white trichomes give the bud a light lavender appearance. The orange and red hairs leap outwards from the bud, and stand against a purple backdrop, like a field of wild flowers! Truly breathtaking, and I am gonna burn it all!

Smell + Taste

I open the bag, which contains two large nugs, and stick my nose in it. I breathe deep and smell an overwhelming grape scent combined with a rich, sweet, creamy, cakey smell. Like a grape pie a la mode. I smell an assortment of dark berries as well, black and blueberries. There is a pungent fuel scent on the finish that really drives home how dank this stuff smells!

A considerable psychoactive high kicks in my brain’s front door, and I am in a calming state…

The taste is more in line with the less prominent smells. There are hints of grapes, but I found it to be piney, gassy, and a little spicy. Really great flavor! Smooth, good chest expansion and clean ash. I tried this spectacular bud six months ago for the first time, and the experience has not been diminished in the slightest.


I rolled a joint and pull through it before I light it. It tastes incredible! I am gonna smoke the thing — that will give me a longer amount of time to observe its effects!

Holy shit!

I smoked the whole joint and am sweaty and wrecked! As the pretty heavy level of disorientation starts to fade, I realize I am shuffling around my kitchen like the reanimated dead! A considerable psychoactive high kicks in my brain’s front door, and I am in a calming state accompanied by a gentle pressure around my upper orbital bones.

The high is twofold but was much more mental than I expected for an indica. It made me feel a little stir crazy, mostly cause my body does not hurt AT ALL! I am gonna go mow the ice!

Almost 40 minutes later, the high is still going strong! For me, that is pretty outstanding in and of itself.


From the exciting new storefront I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of to the apparent never-ending supply of stellar genetics, Private Reserve Gardens continues to set the curve for the Oklahoma grow scene with this strain. If you haven’t had Grapenstein from PRG, it isn’t just hype. This stuff is really fucking good!

—Jingo is so dedicated he actually waited two months to review this strain, so it would be closer to Halloween and the end of the world.

2 thoughts on “Grapenstein: Grab Your Torches and Head for Norman!

  1. I want to thank Christian Vess personally and publically for a few of the Grapenstein photos!! I will check back in with some FB or instagram information.

  2. I want to thank Christian Vess personally and publically for a few of the Grapenstein photos!!

    You can check out more of his work on instagram: @reallyhigh_c

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