3 Shock Quotes Reveal OU Coach Riley’s Head-Change on Cannabis

They’re back — after being sidelined for testing positive for marijuana back in December — and how! The three stoner Sooners, who have been a crucial part of the team’s success, showed up bigtime this weekend and proved you can put the past behind you…and maybe even look towards a bright future of cannathletic sponsorship.

In a recent interview with The Oklahoman, OU Head Coach Lincoln Riley said some things about weed that sent shockwaves through the college football world. Here are my three favorites:


“It’s been really, really hard on those three kids…I gotta watch what I say. But I mean, it’s been agonizing for those three kids. It’s not right.”

Wow, if that isn’t a closely guarded image/brand statement that won’t offend the die hard Boomer aged Sooners while also drawing in the woke frat bro of the modern era, I don’t know what is!

I know the throngs of OU fans out there still like to indulge in the old Switzer fantasy, but the times they are a changing (is cocaine even a thing anymore)? It sounds to me like we may just have entered a new era of cannathletics that, under the leadership of Riley, can show how medicinal this plant is…and how dumb its stigmas are.

Speaking of stigmas…


“I grew up, and even as a young coach, looking at it like this is just a lazy, dumb thing people do, and if they do they should get punished. For a lot of people, it’s a major mental-health issue. Major. And as I finally woke up and paid attention — it shifted everything about how we handle that issue in our program.”

What makes this quote even more fascinating is that Coach Riley declined to say exactly how the OU football program has shifted! Sneaky, sneaky!

What I’m hearing is that OU athletics have weighed the risk/rewards of obeying state laws while following NCAA and national guidelines on a beneficial and medical plant. It’s the age-old states rights vs you wanna play on a national level you gotta play by our rules dilemma — and I’m glad we’re finally getting some clarity from the people in charge.

Speaking of — and on — the NCAA, we get the ballsiest quote of all:


“…the NCAA needs to wake up and figure that out too. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet for these kids. Now, it’ll get changed soon, but not soon enough for these three guys.”

This is quite the clarion call, Coach! The NCAA needs to get its shit together and quit punishing players for weed. Period.

If you told me back in 2000-whatever, when we we won the championship, that Stoops and White would have advocated the sparking of a fat one, I would have thrown an orange at you!

It really just goes to show you how far we’ve come, when the acting head football coach at The University of Oklahoma has a strong opinion on his players’ smoking weed.

Cannabis has been a part of athletic culture on this planet for decades… centuries… millennia… I’m not sure, because my sport is hackey sack, but it will continue to be a part of the process, legal or not.

I think it’s high time the people with platforms take a stance and bring the stigma to an end. I’m not advocating for hot boxing the locker room, but if players need to smoke an L to bring the brutal day to an end, let em.

—Uncle Skunk says go Vote now!

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