Weed Sweeps the Elections, Let’s Celebrate!

The real winner this election is weed, which won every single ballot it was on. Weed actually got more votes than either candidate in Arizona. I think that’s worth celebrating.

Check out these Friday deals to celebrate cannabis, sunshine, and the fact that those damn political ads are gone…

Take a Weed Flight!

Two 5-strain “flights” to choose from at Fire Leaf, each pre-roll is a new adventure
  • Grab a beautiful box of FIVE 1g pre-rolls – each a new, glorious strain – for $32. We got the bottom one for this weekend! This flight will be a red-eye…

YOU Are the Winner!

Don’t forget to go play Stability’s instant scratch-and-win game! Taking your favorite ganja guru on a VIP tour of Stability’s giant warehouse would be the best Christmas present. Especially when the grand prize gift basket is as big as Santa.

Pick up these deals while you’re there:

The Joint is all About Flower

Banana MAC from The Joint

Weed Mom’s Flower Pick of The Week

Classen Kush House has ounces from $60 shake to $225 “premo.” Your pick. Celebrating marijuana without smoking flower would be like going to an OU football game without drinking overpriced beer.

New Management…Big Deals

$30 or 4 for $100 Crooked Smile Carts, 5 for $100 Hard Pressed Organics RSO, $40 or 3 for $100 Hard Pressed Organics Live Diamonds, $30 or 4 for $100 Hard Pressed Organics Cured Badder, 8 for $100 Kosmik Gummy’s❗️

A Little of Something for Everyone…

1 wax pen, 1 gram of wax, pre-roll, and 2 sample edibles … all for $45 from Kissing Clouds. This sale includes a little something for every marijuana connoisseur, or you could share with a friend.

—Until next week…


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