Oklahoma Dab Lab Duo: The Ultimate Chill Kit?

2020 has been a runaway train of crazy that’s still picking up steam. There is tension in the air and a gnawing sense of restlessness.

What we need in these moments is to take a deep breath and chill. I’m talking about a little herbal salve for the soul, Tokelahomies.

We set out to find the ultimate chill, courtesy of Mother Earth (and a ballot initiative). Decisions are hard, but Oklahoma Dab Lab made it easier by combining two indica-dominant hybrid concentrates into one tiny glass cube. We got ours for $45 at Fire Leaf‘s Stockyards location.

Meet Oklahoma Dab Lab’s “Duo”

f/t Hibiscus Sunrise + Platinum GG

Oklahoma Dab Lab DUO featuring .5 grams each of two indica-dominant hybrids, Hibiscus Sunrise + Platinum GG

This stuff looks fantastic!

Platinum GG, which is more of a butter consistency than a crumble, is a cross of Platinum Kush and Gorilla Glue #4. This batch tests at 68.45% total THC / 78.40% total cannabinoids.

Hibiscus Sunrise is a beautiful cross of Hawaiian Sunrise and Gupta Kush, testing at 72.9% total THC / 85.73% total cannabinoids.

Both strains also boast a nice, full spectrum cannabinoid profile to give you that much-desired entourage effect! Now let’s get into the weeds…

Platinum GG


The Platinum GG is a light, beigey yellow. The texture is sticky, but not difficult to work with, and it is glistening with oil.


The first things I smell are a strong scent of earth, pine and fuel. Pungent and a little bit sweet. I take a small, low temperature dab, and I exhale pine and gasoline. I taste a little bit of citrus and a little bit of dirt left on my palate long after the vapor is gone.


Immediately on exhale I can tell it is an indica, cause my pain and anxiety melt away. It hit hard and fast but it isn’t making me too sleepy. I am able to get some things done at home without much difficulty, although it had me wandering around a little bit, forgetting what i was doing!

Hibiscus Sunrise


The Hibiscus Sunrise sugar has a beautiful golden hue, like fields of waving wheat. I hold it up to the light and see tiny little diamonds dotting the dabs. It is not sticky, very easy to work with — really exceptional quality!


I inhale deeply to take in all the smells and notice lemons and oranges. I take another sniff and am hit with a wave of flowers and fruit! I notice a hint of sweet ginger on the finish. When I take a hit, I blow out flowers and oranges. There is a little hint of pine in the flavor as well!


The large dab I took takes NO TIME to kick in. Wow. Rapid heartbeat, sweats, dry eyes and mouth — the works. I got a great feeling of being just…dumb high. I sat there for a second and forgot I was taking notes! I am extremely relaxed, and after a long weekend, it has me ready for a good night’s sleep.

Duo Verdict

Oklahoma Dab Lab products shine once again! I am 2 for 2 on great concentrates from this Okie brand, and that level of consistency is not always easy to do. The flavor, the smell, the high — of BOTH strains — absolutely exceeded expectations.

I am actually ready for bed at bedtime (Imagine That!), and I am not dealing with as much tension in my neck, back or shoulders. This Oklahoma Dab Lab Duo is definitely the way to go, if you want quality and variety in one ultimate chill.

Find your dream duo at one of Fire Leaf dispensary’s seven Oklahoma locations.

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