Snoochie Boochies! Deals for the Longest Week Ever…

Was it just me or did last week have 15 days? We all deserve to sit back, relax, and take a load off. This weekend is going to be about joy, love, and weed. At least for me it is!

There are plenty of deals and fun to be had, so let’s get to it:

Meet Jason Mewes (it’s JAY)!

Left to right, stars of stoner classic Jay and Silent Bob: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

Jason Mewes, of Jay and Silent Bob, is in town for a show on Saturday, and he’ll be at Fire Leaf Edmond (1327 S Broadway., Edmond) this morning from 10 – 11 a.m.! It’s a meet-and-greet with exclusive in-store deals worth masking up for!

Fire Leaf still has the best selection in town of Jay & Silent Bob’s collabo with Caviar Gold (these little guys will kick your ass – be ready to share)!

Fire Leaf is also giving away a pair of tickets to his Saturday night show at Bricktown Comedy Club! Enter to win with any purchase today from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at Fire Leaf’s Edmond location only!

Take 30% Off!

Grade A Dispensary in OKC is plotting to lure you in with 30% off for first-time patients! Will it work? I’m definitely going!

Win Free Stuff 24/7!

The budtenders down at Stability must be going crazy by now with the Wonka-style game going on through the end of the year! Get down there to collect as many game pieces as you can before it ends. Maybe you’ll be the lucky instant-winner who scores ultimate cannabis experience!

Even if you don’t win a prize, you still get Stability’s crazy deals!

  • Lazy Bones, Hibiscus Sunrise & Blue Dream – $20.99/eighth
  • Shake – $3.99/g
  • SimpleCure Gummies & Chocolates – $7.99/ea
  • SimpleCure Pods – $19.99
  • Xen Xtracts – $24.99


At all three locations, OKC, Newcastle and Edmond:

  • Everything’s OK 3 for $110 Dabs OTD! 6 flavors to choose from

Weed Mom’s Flower Pick of The Week

Mary Jane’s Dank House has top shelf for $10/g or $200 Ounce OTD. I mean if you can’t find something at Mary Jane’s Dank House are you even trying?

Organic, Sun-grown Flower

Green Buffalo Medical Dispensary

  • Latest crop from their farm, New Moon Cultivation, specially priced at $5/gram, $15/eighth, and $99/ounce OTD!

A Little Something For Everybody

Midtown Medicinal Dispensary

This is one Daily Happy Hour (4:20 – 7:10 p.m.) worth planning around:

  • 1g pre-rolls for $6 OTD ($10 normal price)
  • Edibles are buy two get one 50% off.

—That’s all for this week. If you know of some crazy deals, drop them in the comments!

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