My First Weed Flight: Perfect Day, Crazy Night…

Oklahoma Dab Lab’s 5-strain weed flight, available in two collections.

When a top cannabis executive says you must try something, you must! That is how I ended up with the most beautiful box in all the land, filled with five full-flower, 1g Oklahoma Dab Lab pre-rolls — each a different strain — curated for the ultimate “weed flight.”

Each strain has her own slip, which comes in handy when you forget what you are doing

I set aside a sunny, gorgeous Saturday with my quarantine crew to work dutifully through each strain. What follows is an unscripted travelogue of the strains, high times and embarrassing antics that followed. TLDR: Never gone so far or gotten so high on a $32 flight…

It’s important to stop and smell-taste the cannabis

#1. CANDYLAND: Sativa-dominant | 17.5% THC

I loved that I knew where to start! At the beginning. Imagine That! I savored this smoke with a cup of Death Wish coffee and must say, it was a zippy, lovely start to the day. I had no plans (it is 2020, after all) but felt like Candyland could really help me get some shit done, if I had any desire to do so.

T’was noonish on the Saturday after the presidential election…

#2. GRANDPA JOE: Hybrid | 25.4% THC

While it seemed more fitting to smoke Trump OG (a creeper strain with a tendency to create mass delusions), Trump was getting smoked all on his own and did not need my help. Grandpa Joe, by comparison, was a super chill smoke.

Sharing is caring; this joint was more than enough for two

After half the joint, I tapped out and decided to share. My main squeeze smoked the rest. We discussed the instant head change (win!) and agreed we both felt light and happy. Afterward, we chowed down and then drifted into a dreamy little weed nap.

The strain guide comes in handy when the flight reaches cruising altitude

Things really took flight after the sun went down…

Best bud loved this strain so much – the tipping point in the flight

#3. JACKIE ROBINSON: Hybrid | 27.7% THC

Oh, Jackie, you hit a homerun! Marijuana is a medicinal powerhouse to be certain, and this strain is a guaranteed cure for the doldrums. Twenty minutes after smoking Jackie Robinson, my best bud (get it?) was in the clutches of a legendary case of the sillies.

“BABADOOK! BABADOOK!” she bangs and yells between uncontrollable bouts of laughter

Now, when this happened, I did not know who or what was a “Babadook.” I only knew that this reenactment of something that was supposed to be scary was so funny I almost peed my pants.

Being stuck inside a hammock isn’t all bad

In all my life I had never seen anyone so Happy or so silly and made a mental note to get back to Fire Leaf ASAP to snag an eighth of Jackie Robinson for myself!

My turn *again*

#4. PLATINUM DOSI: Hybrid | 24.1% THC

It takes a lot to get me out of my own head. Call it medicine, call it magic, but Platinum Dosi lifted me so high that I forgot I don’t smoke indoors. Supremely relaxing.

It felt amazing just to lie there on the floor and be superpresent in my body — even if that body was shaking with laughter at nothing in particular. Classic high behavior that would seem embarrassing in retrospect.

By the fifth and final strain of this weed flight, I was officially a ganjanaut

#5. LOCALS ONLY: Hybrid | 25.9% THC

Here’s where I realized the inherent problem with a weed flight: By the final strain, you will probably be unable to register your own opinion on the finer points of the experience. At least I was. But who gives a shit!

That last Locals Only joint was smooth as silk…and the smell reminded me of the famously naughty and chic Malin + Goetz cannabis candle! I was snug as a bug in a rug wrapped in a hammock surrounded by the best candles on Earth. Not too shabby.

Now, I don’t know if Oklahoma Dab Lab designed this weed flight to be smoked in a particular order to create a uniquely mind-blowing experience — or simply for the convenience and variety — but I loved everything about it and can’t wait to take another Red Eye to Happytown.

—I got my Oklahoma Dab Lab weed flight for $32 at Fire Leaf’s Stockyards location.

Editor’s Note: Fire Leaf Dispensary supports local media, and we love them for it.

4 thoughts on “My First Weed Flight: Perfect Day, Crazy Night…

    1. They were sold out of Jackie Robinson flower when I went back, but my budtender said more is coming. I’m stalking that Leafly page!

    1. So glad you loved it! I thought it was so cool to have a whole flight of experience packaged into a single box. It’s on my xmas gift giving list for sure. Besties only! 😉

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