Weekend Weed Deals – Bedlam Edition

What? Bedlam is this weekend? I was too excited to hear that Energy FC tickets were back on sale to notice! I kind of feel like the year 2020 has been bedlam, and I imagine this game will be no different. Whether you like football or futball, we can all agree that weed deals are the best deals.

A Game Better Than Bedlam

This Golden Ticket makes all your wildest dreams come true

Get scratch-and-win game pieces attached to select products at Stability Cannabis for instant-win prizes — including concentrates, pre-rolls and flower discounted to $1!

If you’re the lucky l-lover who scratches off the Golden Ticket grand prize, you’ll score  a personal tour of their 85,000-square-feet cultivation facility AND a grand prize box filled with top products.

Come on down to Stability to play! Their prizes are a hell of a lot better than the prize for winning Bedlam.

Let’s Get to the Deals!

  • 20% off any one item (excludes wall flower and shake)

The Joint Cannabis Club – Edmond

  • TODAY! (FRIDAY) – 15% off all flower
  • SATURDAY – Sunday Extracts 3 for $105
  • SUNDAY – $10 grams, all strains (limit 5 per patient)
  • 10% off – When you bring a friend

Weed Mom’s Flower Pick of The Week

Best Budz Dispensary in OKC

  • Exotic Black Berry Kush 8th $35 OTD
  • Premium Shake 3oz for $125
  • 3 for $10 house pre-roll.

I could use a day to just roll joints and smoke all day long, and that three ounces of shake would be perfect for that! Weed Mom win!

Game Day Snacks

Abide in Edmond comes through for the second week in a row!

Pizza and football go hand-in-hand (er, food-in-face), so why not get high while you eat it? Your watch party can be ‘catered’ by The Peak, which has the pizza deal this week:

Big Rob’s Tea – 100 mg THC for $20 at Stars and Stripes dispensary in OKC. You need something to wash all that pizza down. Okies love their tea, and while it’s bedlam when it comes down to sweet vs. unsweet, Big Rob has you covered with both. Stop in at Stars and Stripes and pick up your favorite for the big game.

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