Lemon Kush: The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow, and families will be gathering — or not gathering — to celebrate love and gratitude. This year is gonna be a little less formal for many of us, but there’s still plenty to do!

Finding the right weed might make the whole difference this holiday. I’ll make that part easy for you.

What to try when you’re swimming in a sea of Oklahoma’s finest green? A budtender at Fire Leaf pointed out that Lemon Kush was Patrick’s go-to strain, which was perfect, because I have always been a fan of a nice, groovy hybrid.

Meet Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush, grown by Fire Leaf Farms and available for $12/gram exclusively at Fire Leaf family of dispensaries

The most widely smoked version of Lemon Kush is a cross of Master Kush and Lemon Joy, but breeder-specific variations exist. Famous for its extreme head high, Lemon Kush is known to help with energy, pain and stress.

We put it to the test.


This is one sexy looking bud!

Dark red, almost brown hairs dot the surface of the nug. The bud is super dense and almost lime green. This fades into yellows and whites, whose true colors are hidden in a shroud of shimmering crystals. Little flashes of purple trace the flower’s edges.

The fantastic trim job they gave this bud really highlights its fine qualities.

Smell, Taste

The smell is super skunky and piney, with a dash of lemon. There is a sickly sweet quality that smells rich, like warm sangria. Lots of spice on the nose; I almost sneezed it was so peppery! Lots of earthy fragrances finish this one off, smelling more like a kush than a lemon.

I load a little bowl and barely put fire to it. I take a small hit so I don’t overwhelm my senses. I taste pepper and lemon as soon as the smoke hits my lips. Much more lemon than I smelled. There is a pronounced sweetness and a gasoline aftertaste. I didn’t pick that up on the nose at all! There is a skunky quality creeping around in there, but it is complementary and gets lost in the mix.


The high is subtle and it crept up slowly. It took at least 10 minutes to fully set in. My eyes were a little dry, I was very productive, but super chilled out, no dry mouth. I would say it was okay for my pain.

It was a lot more heady than I expected. I had heavy internal dialog, lots of wild thoughts and ideas. I was not tired, I was not wired, I was just at peace. I remember thinking, “I am really liking this Lemon Kush!!” Yes, I thought with two exclamation points.


This is the very first Fire Leaf flower I have smoked, and I have been impressed by them yet again. They have given me confidence that when I go into any Fire Leaf dispensary, I will get the good shit from an expert staff.

I would say Lemon Kush is great bud for just hanging out Happy or, I don’t know, preparing a giant freaking meal! Whatever you do after you smoke Lemon Kush will be super fun. A helluva head trip instead of a road trip, it might be just what you need this year!

—Wishing the best Thanksgiving to my fellow Tokelahomans. Hang tight to your Happy.

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