“C” Is for 25mg Cosmic Cookie, Was It Good Enough for Me?

Baking an edible cookie is hard. I’ve wasted a few Sundays on baking THC edibles, stumbling out of the kitchen with cookies that always seemed to have a “Well, bless their heart” aesthetic to them.

We’re talking crumbly abnormalities, somehow burnt AND raw at the same time. The store-bought dough could barely disguise the stench of wild skunk escaping the cellophane wrapper and wafting out of my backpack for all the city bus to smell. However awful those skunky cookies were, they were still awesome, because weed. It’s by default.

So imagine the smile on my face when I got to sample the goods from Oklahoma’s Cannabis Cup-winning baker.

Outlaw Edibles takes home the Cannabis Cup!

It should not surprise you to know that Outlaw Edibles choco chip cookies were leap years ahead of anything that has ever come out of my kitchen! Somehow these kitchen wizards managed to make a very traditional tasting chocolate chip cookie, baked in with an almost odorless, tasteless THC bomb, and they made it look easy.

But how was the high?

Outlaw Edibles Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies | Sold in 10-packs of 10mg ($15) & 25mg ($30) cookies

I would eat these cookies even without the THC content – and holy smokes am I about to get to the THC in a minute! Traditional in favor, these are exactly what you would expect a chocolate chip cookie to taste like. No one went wild with the nutmeg or cinnamon, no one tried to reinvent the wheel, there is no pretense. The craftsmanship is apparent. They are consistently baked with a perfect golden baked texture, fresh and spongy out of the packaging. It’s a perfect cookie.

It’s such a perfect cookie that you might start snacking on them like they were ordinary cookies. You would do so at your own peril.

Each of my cosmic cookies holds a mighty 25mg of THC. Now, everyone has their unique tolerances for sure, but I’m telling you: It’s a lot easier to eat three of these cookies in one sitting than it is to come down from eating three of these cookies in one setting.

This 75mg total dosage was definitely too much for me to handle at once, but it was rad watching time and space pulse in unison. Cosmic experiences don’t happen to me very often, but then again I’m not eating these cookies every weekend, either.

After experiencing an entire Sunday burned up in three cookies, I tried microdosing the rest — taking little chunks here and there throughout the week. This seemed to suit my personal tastes much better. If you’re an edibles newb, I suggest you take this route.

These Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies definitely hit the mark on just about anything you would be looking for in a cookie edible. The quality is apparent in both taste and high. How the flavor of the cookies hides the potency of the THC is a mystery to me…and a testament to the culinary skill of Executive Chef Gibbs.

Keep in mind these are traditional cookies, so if you have dietary issues with traditional cookie ingredients, you might want to try the 25mg Outlaw Edibles Gummi Bites instead (vegan, nut-free, gluten-free). But if you dig that authentic, throw-down traditional cookie experience, you should pair it with a cold glass of milk on a Sunday when you ain’t got shit to do.

—We got our Outlaw Edibles Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies from Fire Leaf’s Stockyards shop, but they are available at any of these eight statewide locations.

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