OKC Budtender Talk: *New* Prairie MAC Flower

It looks like a winter wonderland all over the great state of Oklahoma! In OKC there are snowmen dotting the streets. ☃️☃️ Some of them are wearing masks, most of them are in observance of safe social distancing guidelines.

I wanted to try something fresh, so I headed on into Project Releaf, located at 1218 N. Penn Ave. in Oklahoma City. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a snow storm, I can get what I need!

Staff was moving new cannabis flower to the floor from Territory Farms in Ada. There were about six or seven to choose from. There was a Lemondawg plant that almost won me over, but one flower stood out among the rest: Territory’s take on a true masterpiece.

Meet Prairie MAC.

Coming at you from the prairies of Ada, OK at 21.8% THC, “MAC” is also known as Miracle Alien Cookies — a true 50/50 genetic hybrid. This is the result of threading three great strains together: Alien Cookies, Columbian and Starfighter.

It is known medicinally to help with mindfucks like depression, anxiety, and P.T.S.D. and is famously popular, recreationally, with socialites, stoners, artists, veterans and novice Tokelahomans alike.


Prairie MAC by Territory Farms in Ada | Available at Project Releaf in OKC, $13/gram OTD

The flower is light, light green and could also be described as off-white. This is partially due in fact to the trichomes that have taken over, completely encrusting the buds like plump little bedazzled grapes.

There are little clusters of red and bright orange streaking across it’s crumbly, hashy, surface. I wouldn’t say these trees are as frosty as the ones outside, but it is close.

Smell + Taste

The aromas of pine and diesel are present and accounted for. The real delight was the sharp scent of blueberries and citrus fruit, as I broke the flower down. The smell of spices fill the air! It really smells like a holiday miracle!

I take a couple of quick puffs and savor the flavors of diesel and pepper! The berries that I smelled gave way to a light floral quality that really tied the flavors together into something truly special.

High + Effects

The high set in slowly but once it was on, it was ON! This had all the appeal of a true hybrid. I smoked it throughout my entire morning, and it seemed to change to meet my needs!

It was great for fighting a little seasonal depression and a spark of creative energy. It had a very relaxing effect on my body. My eyes were heavy, but my mind was not slow or tired. I felt really stoney, not sleepy, but just kinda heavy.

Pro Tip: It helped with some nerve pain, but I recommend using longer-acting edibles with it for patients with chronic pain.


Territory Farms in Ada really went above and beyond with this Prairie MAC. I will be going back to Project Releaf to try everything from that grower’s selection. $13 dollars a gram (tax included), and fully worth it.

The high was long-lasting, euphoric, cerebral and provocative. I can imagine Prairie MAC being great for conversation, but the only one here is my cat, and all she’s doing is complaining about the snow!

— Jingo is an Oklahoma City-based budtender, writer and horticulture enthusiast who knows his shit.

One thought on “OKC Budtender Talk: *New* Prairie MAC Flower

  1. A couple of notes.
    After I spoke with a member of the Territory team, there are some genetic differences between Prarie M.A.C. and other Miracle Alien Cookies. Prarie M.A.C. is a Hybrid cross, Roadkill Skunk x M.A.C. I just wanted to give credit to these growers, for the work they put into creating these strains, for all of us to enjoy!

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