I Survived: Uncle Skunk’s 2020 High Times in Review

Well damn folks, this year is almost over and it’s been almost a full 420 days since I reminisced about all the good weed and times I’ve had. Unfortunately 2020 has been about as fun as sheltering in place at the Warren (RIP) during tornado season.

Lucky for you, I’ve saved a bit of bud from some of my reviews, plus a new strain, to get nostalgic over as I smoke them all from newest to oldest and remember the year that should’ve been awesome…

Jupiter OG from Project Releaf in OKC | Photo by Auntie Skunk

Jupiter OG

It’s been some time since my last “proper“ review on account of being Covid broke, but the fine people at Project Releaf (1218 N Pennsylvania) really did provide me some relief with excellent prices, when I felt like I needed something special for the solstice. Enter the ganja gas giant known as Jupiter OG, with a gargantuan THC content of 27%!

It only felt right since the great conjunction was happening and who doesn’t like to get high and look at the stars? With its slightly spiced, piney smell and a giant fluffy bud reminiscent of the swirling clouds on the actual planet, this strain had me flying through the cosmos on a high that will hopefully carry into the next year. An indica dominant strain, this one had me floating like a space man looking down on the earth.

Blueberry Muffins, Dr. Clean & LA Confidential

I’ll be honest, there isn’t anything left from these batches due to the depression I was going through after the loss of a family member during these months. Seriously, the day after the L.A. Confidential review dropped, I got the somber news and have only now started to feel slightly better about it. Hug and talk with them while you can folks, RIP Matt.

I smoked That Bitch Carole Baskin – what a runt!

TBCB (That Bitch Carole Baskin)

Goddamn! If there was a strain that reflected this year, this bitch was it — with its over hyped nature that ended up smelling like cat piss, which didn’t get me high.  It didn’t age much better and when I tried to break it up, it dissolved into a powdery mess that left me with a sensation of kitty litter. I really hate to do it, but I’m throwing this leftover nug out and hoping we can just move on and look back towards the better times/buds that I know are there.

Citrus Slurricane by Stability Cannabis

Citrus Slurricane

Finally, we’re getting back to 42020 and good ganja! This one still looks as good as the day I got it, and I think it’s matured like a fine wine with a stronger almost blood orange scent. I loved it then and love it now.

With a thick, juicy smoke-filled flavor and a high that still takes me to a higher plane, I would have to place this at the top of 2020 strains to try again! Stability Cannabis has been one of the few growers/dispensaries that has continually impressed we Happy Oglers and been a great source of inspiration. We hope they hit a new high next year!

GMO Cookies (Garlic Cookies)

Unlike the last strain, my GMO Cookies sample, too, has aged since I first reviewed it in April, but in more of a stinky blue cheese kind of way. Decidedly more pungent, these nugs still smoked as good as the first time although with a bit more funk on the back end.

Looking back on the article, I commented on the uplifting qualities this strain provides and can still say that I’m generally feeling positive while smoking this again. Am I influencing myself or just getting really baked?

Widow Kola

Aw, look at me back in March writing about this pristine bud, not knowing what lie in store for us later that month. The most we had to worry about then was school shootings, which dropped due to the virus…so yay?

Anyways this is Kola Organics we’re talking about here, so you know it’s the good shit! Perfect in appearance and untouched by age, this strain still has me trapped in her web not even trying to get out. I’m consistently being knocked on my ass by the product produced over at Kola Organics and hope they let us in on the next new strain to rave about.

Strawberry Kush

I still have that last joint from last years Lost Ogle holiday party, maybe I’ll save it for next year’s party?

The*real* Ogle family Christmas: Lost Ogle, Happy Ogle writers circa 2019

—Uncle Skunk will get by and high

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