Dose 24K Gold: The Vape Cart We’re Sleeping With Right Now

Different smokes for different folks, right? Except we all really dig one thing: Drifting off to sleep on a cloud of mind-body bliss. Some people float right into it (so aggravating). Others need serious help.

This review is dedicated to the sweet souls who haven’t slept deeply or without popping a pill in years. I was one of you.

Benadryl, Tylenol PM…occasionally the hard stuff. But it was always something with me. Every night, for as much as I can remember of my adulthood, I have taken something to sleep. Even understanding why never gave me a goddamn wink of shuteye.

But I felt strongly that an important part of the “me” beyond skin and bones was being lost each night to this decades-long pattern of popping a pill or four to turn my mind off. I parted with the pills and embarked on a mission to find sleep a little closer to the earth.

And it worked! After a few losers and some restless nights that nearly sent me to Walgreens, I found a cannabis product that consistently eases my mind and body into a state of restfulness that beckons me to an effortless but not empty sleep.

Meet DOSE 24K Gold Vape Cart


Now don’t roll your eyes. The strain is 24K Gold, not the price. I paid $35 OTD for my 1g cartridge last week at Classen Kush House. While the price is nice, their Weedmaps menu is like every other dispensary in town: not reliable. The DOSE Extracts 24K Gold vape cart may take a minute to locate, but it will be worthwhile.

24K Gold Profile

Cannabis OGs will tell you this indica-dominant hybrid is known for a cerebral high that begins with euphoria but gradually tapers off as the indica effects take charge. Pronounced feelings of deep relaxation make 24K Gold a better choice for evening rather than morning use.

But you probably guessed, because we’re only concerned at this moment with sleep. Other qualities I have noticed:

  • Unusual but awesome sweetness, almost a candy top-note/flavor
  • Sneezing! Those first few hits. Unfortunately, good vape carts do that to me! I blame the magic of terpenes, which seem pronounced. Lemon, orange, citrus, lavender, spicy clove. When a vape cart fails to sting my nostrils, I know it’s been overly processed. No bueno. But Dose Extracts always hits the terp mark for me.


While my only objective was to find sleep, I got much more than that. Don’t make fun of me, but last night I was ready to chill the fuck down by 6 p.m. That’s a tall order. I took somewhere between 3-5 puffs off my Dose 24K Gold vape and retreated to my bedroom with a book by the fire.

I never opened the book.

My eyes got low, and I felt like my body was sandwiched between clouds. That had happened only once before in my life — years ago at a party at Patrick’s house — when I got into some Snoop Dogg shit and had to excuse myself to spend the rest of the party floating above the couch. Someone covered me with a blanket. That’s all I can reliably report.

But last night, I was not at a party.

Twenty minutes had passed since I puffed, and I wanted nothing more than to sink deeper into my pronounced relaxation. So I put my book down, tucked into my covers and snuggled up to my 6-year-old, while the TV talking heads bloviated in the background.

The rest had to be pieced together by my husband, who reported that I was out like a light when he took our daughter to bed at 6:45. SIX-FORTY-FIVE. Holy shit.

And I woke up early this morning with a smile, buoyant energy and a general lightness of being. Imagine that! I felt so great I jumped in the shower before having coffee and decided I would write about finding a bedtime vape that lulled my mind and body to sleep as gently and perfectly as that dragon I’ve been chasing since he put me to sleep at Patrick’s party three years ago.

If sleep troubles have plagued your beautiful life, give DOSE 24K Gold vape cart a try. This one is seriously good in bed.

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