Lem Chem: Main Squeeze Rise & Shine – It’s Smoking Time!

Looking to kickstart your morning? We’ve got you covered, with a potent sativa-dominant hybrid grown by one of Oklahoma’s finest cultivators — and procured from a unique boutique dispensary we somehow never even knew about.

Physicians Choice Cannabis is a bright, airy little shop located at 5609 N. Penn Ave. in Oklahoma City, directly across the street from Cheesecake Factory and Penn Square Mall. It would have been easy to get lost in the curated collection of modern marijuana accoutrements, if not for owner Stan helping us to focus! and find THE perfect wake and bake for a sativa-shy girl.

Meet Lem Chem

Lem Chem, front and center: grown by Oklahoma powerhouse Stability Cannabis

TLDR: Lem Chem is sure to start your morning off right. Despite being a sativa-dominant strain, it provides a balanced high, combining that much-needed energy boost from a sativa with that body punch from an indica. Priced at $10.38 per gram, I think that’s right up anyone’s top-shelf alley.

Let’s see what’s cookin’!


  • Sativa-Dominant Strain (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)
  • 25.5% THC, 1.59% Terpenes
  • Perfect daytime strain
  • Happy, Euphoric high – very uplifting!
  • Great for getting things done!!
  • Known for helping with Mood Swings, Depression and Chronic Pain


Lem Chem buds, up close and personal

This good-looking ganja — grown by Stability Cannabis and created by crossing the pungent strains Chemdawg with Lemon Larry — produces big, dense, deep green buds that are such a sight to see! They’re covered in bright orange, bronzy pistils and coated in a blanket of fuzz. The buds are large, nice and compact, grinding up quite nicely!


The aroma of Lem Chem becomes stronger as you break apart the buds; after grinding them up, they become very potent! On the inhale, sweet and sour flavors take over my nostrils. With hints of chemically lemon and diesel, the name speaks for itself. Imagine an energizing burst of Pine Sol.


This was an energizing, euphoric high that I couldn’t get enough of! I was left feeling physically relaxed, but mentally I was sharp and present.

Lem Chem was my first smoke of the day — after a few days tolerance break — and it kept me on my toes! The effects hit pretty quick; I immediately noticed a pleasurable head high and a boost in energy.

Sativas can sometimes be hard on people like me who deal with anxiety, but I felt Lem Chem was a perfect balance of indica and sativa plant attributes…feeling at ease but still alert! I even followed through with my morning workouts (which typically don’t happen if I smoke ANYTHING – haha) but hey, there’s a first time for everything!

I mean, who knew you could get high and do physical activity? I sure didn’t.


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4.5 out of 5! Lem Chem’s powerful effects left me feeling ready to take on the day (and oddly enough even work out)! I wouldn’t typically go to the dispensary seeking out a sativa, but this might’ve just changed my game!

I love that it provides a balanced combination of everything you love from both strains! This was perfect for a first smoke of the day — a high that won’t leave you feeling jaded or exhausted, leaving you with energy that carries on through the day!

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