Cookies Devine Runtz: Overpriced…or Batch Grown in Heaven?

When I heard California’s famed cannabis brand, Cookies, was opening a dispensary on Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City, I was surely skeptical. Would the genetics or flavors be different here in Oklahoma? Was it really worth it? Because at $60 per 1/8, the expectations are high!

Now they do have other flower at more reasonable price points, which should be a review on its own! However, this day I went out seeking the highly anticipated Runtz, a premium strain brought to the market by Cookies founder, Berner, who is not only an entrepreneur but an American rapper signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Entertainment.

Cookies founder (and rapper!) Berner with canna comrade Wiz Khalfa

From where else but Los Angeles, Devine Runtz is a mix between Zkittlez and Gelato #33 (both Indica-dominant strains)! So my budtender saying this would be the ultimate couch lock sounds pretty accurate right about now…

The big, beautiful bright blue building is enough to draw you in! The atmosphere is new, comfortable, and inviting. You walk in and are greeted by your budtender who guides you through your entire experience! I swear I felt like a kid in a candy store — the way they had their flower encased, you could have had me fooled! 

But…is it worth the hype?


  •  Indica-Dominant Strain 
  • 22.44 % THC, 2.1% Terpenes
  • A great strain for winding down, relaxing 
  • Known for helping with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, mood swings
  • Euphoric, Uplifting but Relaxing high


These cute little buds aren’t called Runtz for nothing! A greenhouse worker for Ridgeline Farms in California, who cultivates Runtz where it’s originally grown, recalls: 

“It is a bummer you don’t get a much yield out of it, but….everybody wants it. It’s not a slow grower, but you won’t get giant colas out of Runtz. You will get the name Runtz. That’s how it grows—in nice little chunks.” 

This particular strain was only available to buy per 1/8th and comes complete with its own Willy Wonka-esque branding! A beautiful purple bag that looks like there absolutely would be candy inside, I have to give it to them: Their packaging was on point!

Filled inside with colorful dense olive-green buds, Runtz boasts deep purple undertones and golden amber trichomes. They sure look like a treat! Grinds up very smoothly but left my fingers sticky…which is a good indication that it’s loaded with the terpenes and cannabinoids you need to get that intense high! 


Initially, I expected to be overwhelmed with candy-like scents but was taken aback by the still sweet — but more tropical — funky, pine, and earthy aromas I was getting. After grinding those sweet little treats up they take over your nose, and the strain becomes even more pungent! They have little sharp notes of pine, the potency in these buds definitely caught my attention! The smoke was very smooth, and the smooth smell matched the flavor exactly


Well…this stuff is the real deal! Let’s just say there’s a reason Runtz was The 2020 Strain of the Year named by Leafly! This strain made me never want to touch my other weed. Devine Runtz provided a euphoric, calm, happy high that I couldn’t get enough of! I took two puffs on a joint and was already high!

It starts you off just right and then trickles into an intense, but calming. body high. It was an undeniably good time! This was the kind of high that will definitely have you couch-locked, so get some good snacks and be prepared to camp out! 🙂 


5 of 5 Stars

This strain met every expectation I had and left me wanting more. If you’re looking to splurge for a good time, look no further; this strain will take you to a new high! I was very skeptical at first thinking it was just SoCal hype, or possibly overpriced, but I wanted to try it for myself.

I can confidently say, with Devine Runtz, you’re getting what you pay for! This strain will be sure to satisfy even those high-tolerance smokers out there. I ought to know.

About Cookies

“It’s no different than Alexander Wang droppin’ a shirt. Or Supreme. We’re like that of weed. If you want cheap weed, you can go get you a $5 Footlong, you can go smoke some blue dream, some green crack. If you want to eat Ruth’s Chris [steak house], you can go get some Cookies, Gelato, Lemoncello, and Runtz; things of that flavor. There are levels to it. And we do not discriminate, it’s just setting the tone. It’s just like going shopping for clothes.”

— Berner, Founder & CEO of Cookies

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