Meet the Punch Cake Kief We’re Using to Punch-Up Our Blunts

What the hell is Dry Sift Hash? It’s a fancy term for ‘kief’ — the resinous trichome crystals that frost your favorite flower — and it’s a great way to punch-up your hand-rolled blunts. Especially if those hand-rolled blunts are filled with shit shake on account of the economy.

We popped in to Fire Leaf, seeking the biggest bang for our kief buck. Our budtender pointed us to Oklahoma Dab Lab‘s strain-specific dry sift hash. Punch Cake, she said, is an indica strain patients have been raving about. Let’s do it!

Meet Punch Cake Dry Sift Hash


  • Indica Strain 
  • Cross of Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie
  • 55.04% THC, 2.32% Terpenes
  • A great strain for winding down, relaxing and easing racing thoughts 
  • Known for helping with muscle pain and spasms, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, insomnia
  • Calming, Sedating, Relaxing high
  • $25.86 for one gram at Fire Leaf
Punch Cake flower, in all its frosty glory

Ideas for Dry Sift Hash

  • Spike your hand-rolled joint 
  • Get creative in the kitchen
  • Turn it into rosin
  • Top off the bowl in your bong



I decided that I would try Punch Cake dry sift hash to see if I could punch-up my usual evening joint. As I opened the lid to the tiny black glass jar, I was blasted with a pungent bouquet of grape and gas. Damn, this stuff smells fresh! I scooped up a tiny portion in a salt spoon and held it to my nose, reveling in the gorgeous top notes.  I tried to spoon it directly into my rolled palm leaf but botched the job, leaving more kief dust on the counter than in the blunt.


Thankfully, the world’s best blunt roller shares my bed, and I called him in for reinforcement. He made quick work of packing the slightly-more complicated joint, adding two generous scoops of punch cake “kief bombs” to be blown halfway through. This dry sift hash is so fine it’s almost the consistency of corn starch. I imagine raking my hands through an entire tubful of it and making kief castles [welcome to my weirdo stoner beach fantasy]. I had all that fun right inside my own head, before I ever even put the joint to my lips.


My after-dinner smoke each night is more of a wind-down ritual than anything. Usually, after I smoke the joint, I can expect to feel a lowering of my eyelids and a sense that lingering concerns of the day have been carried up, up and away.

But I do not usually feel high. And I definitely do not feel high half-way through the damn thing! But the Punch Cake-spiked blunt elevated my evening sacrament to such a degree that I was relieved to have another adult in the house to parent. I was too high to “do things.” In hindsight, I should have stubbed out my blunt mid-length.


My body felt all melty and floaty, and I settled down deep into the couch with a fairly dry book about the history and science of psychedelics and their impact on human consciousness.  Here’s where my attention deficit issue comes in. Especially with a book that’s more academic than adventurous, I would normally find myself floating away, lost in trailing thoughts with no memory of the three earlier pages I just read. But with the Punch Cake punch-up, I. Was. Riveted.

As I read, I sank deeper into both the couch and the subject matter, at times convinced I could feel the author’s intention — the energy his words were imbued with. Yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition. Deal it with.

After a half-hour or so, my lids had lowered to Last Call. I closed my book but stayed right where I was, lost in feelings. Feelings of my body being at ease, being warm, being soft. Feelings of love for the silly bastards who share my home. This is an important cannabis quality to point out.

Rather than conjure racing thoughts and anxiety, as some cannabis does, a bump of Oklahoma Dab Lab’s Punch Cake hash eased me out of my head and into my heart. It was a nice place to spend the evening. On a practical note, if I can add a tiny bit of this product to leverage the same or greater effects from half a blunt that I normally get from a full one — well, that’s just solid weed math.

Oklahoma Dab Lab’s Punch Cake dry sift hash is available at any of Fire Leaf dispensary’s eight statewide locations.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Punch Cake Kief We’re Using to Punch-Up Our Blunts

  1. I appreciate the review! If I was to buy dry sift hash, I would want to know at what micron the batch was pulled from, with the best from 120-70 micron. To call it hash it needs be white because it’s only trichome heads. If there is green in it, I consider it kief and that goes for $8-10/gram.

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