Fruity Pebbles OG Crumble: Breakfast of Champions!

If you told me I could smoke weed that tasted just like my favorite childhood cereal, I would’ve started smoking a loooooong time ago! So many pungent flavors arising, reminiscent of citrus, berry, and a basket of fresh, sweet, tropical fruits. Fruity Pebbles OG will literally have you going for another bowl. 😉 Famous for its robust flavor profile and high potency, it definitely piqued my interest.

Always in search of a good concentrate, Fire Leaf had me covered as usual, with a crumble produced by Oklahoma Dab Lab. $35 OTD for a full gram. Crumble wax is among the more popular types of cannabis concentrates, known for its stunning, one-of-a-kind texture and high levels of THC. Even as a long-time smoker, I stayed away from dabbing initially because it just seemed like too much. I get it, but…

Pro Tip: Terp Pens Make Concentrates as Easy as Vaping

Recently my good ole trusty dab rig broke, and I was forced to explore the market. That’s when I discovered terp pens, also known as dab pens. A fair price point of $30 and available at most dispensaries, it’s perfect for a new dabber or on-the-go for your casual smoker! I love the terp pen, because it’s even easier to use than a vape cart and less of a hassle than your typical dab rig. You just gather your crumble on the tool it comes with and hold it out in front of you as you inhale with the pen on the tool.

Now that we know concentrates can be as easy as hitting a vape pen, let’s get to it!

Meet Oklahoma Dab Lab Fruity Pebbles OG Crumble

Fruity Pebbles OG crumble


  • Fruity Pebbles OG, a/k/a/ FPOG is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid that provides a well-balanced high
  • FPOG crumble by Oklahoma Dab Lab is 82.43% Cannabinoids, 3.35% Terpenes
  • $35 (tax included) for one gram #foundatfireleaf
  • Known to help with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pain, and Insomnia.
  • PERFECT strain for unwinding and chillin’ — euphoric, mellow, relaxing high!


FPOG Crumble by Oklahoma Dab Lab

Upon opening the jar I see dense rocks — bright yellow and tattered, ready to be shattered. The process of making crumble wax specifically requires lower heating temperatures and longer-than-usual vacuuming times, resulting in dry, very delicate crumble. There are holes all within the crumble, similar to a honeycomb; it’s airy and fragile crumbling within your hands like powder. Still, it’s so soft it packs together when scooping out a hit [it won’t literally crumble on you].

Pro Tip: Store your cannabis concentrates in a cool, airtight environment, as any exposure to high temperatures, moisture, or oxygen could speed the process of degradation up and even change the effects of the concentrate.


Extremely sweet scent, very reminiscent of Fruity Pebbles the cereal. The smell from this crumble is AMAZING! Delightful fruity flavors galore… hints of lemon, lime, and berries, with sweet orange scents and very strong tropical flavors, it will take over your nose. Close your eyes and give it a whiff — it will take you back to Saturday morning cartoons!


Concentrates are known for their rather fast-hitting effects, but this Oklahoma Dab Lab crumble was crazy!! My tolerance is fairly high, but after the first hit, I could immediately feel my eyes lower and slowly feel the cares and stress leaving my body. I think this particular indica dominant hybrid is so well balanced you could even smoke it during the day, hanging by yourself or with like-minded friends!

This FPOG crumble put me in a great mood; warm and happy, but not bright and awake. I felt super relaxed but uplifted, not locked to the couch like indicas tend to do. Produces a very strong high, but not past the point of no return!


For even the casual dabber like myself, I got to give it to Oklahoma Dab Lab — this FPOG crumble is great! Small amounts produce powerful effects, so it will last you, too. You can use it in so many ways… like adding a scoop to your morning bowl; cooking with it; dabbing with it; or even using a term pen as I mentioned! At this point, there is no excuse not to try medicating with concentrates. It’s a simple way to get a strong, quick high that will take you to another level and spice up your smoking!

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