Strawberries & Cream Changed My Mind About Sativas

On a stop into my usual dispensary — Stem, in NW Oklahoma City — I decided to do something unusual. I’m a creature of habit, always going back to my tried and true, always-reliable Indicas! Sativas sometimes leave me feeling apprehensive and just plain ‘off,’ but that doesn’t stop me being curious about all the strains I’m missing out on.

So I asked my budtender to point me to Stem’s best Sativa, and lo and behold we have…Strawberries & Cream, a strain grown by Stability Cannabis.

Let’s Meet This Sweet Treat!  

Strawberries & Cream bud lookin extra frosty


  • Genetics = Strawberry Cough x The White
  • Grown by Stability Cannabis
  • Available at Stem for $10.99/gram
  • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (60% Sativa /40% Indica)  
  • 19.38% THC  
  • Known to help with Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Stress, Headache, Fatigue, Depression, and Chronic Pain  
  • Ideal daytime strain for tapping into creativity and getting shit done!  


Look at the sparkly trichomes on this dense nug!

These nugs were just captivating! I was so drawn to their crazy sparkly trichomes that just encase the entire nug. It’s almost hard to see all the contrasting bright greens and dark purple and orange accents hiding underneath. I threw that bad baby in my grinder, and it ground up pretty nice — a little dry, but it ultimately left my fingers feeling oh so resinous!


Rich and creamy flavors fill my nose…a strong, sweet, strawberry overtone with a light, earthy, woodsy undertone that complements it well. The name seems very fitting — almost obvious. Breaking apart these nugs you’re just overwhelmed with the release of woodsy, almost spicy pine scents. I notice a fruity, citrus-like flavor as I inhale the joint, yet a strong earthy, peppery taste on the exhale.


The effects were almost immediate! This was one of the most pleasant smokes — it hit so smooth. I was shocked not to cough my lungs out after a hard hit. After just a couple of puffs, I could feel my eyes start to lower, and I noticed feeling completely relieved of the backdrop of worry/anxiety that hangs around in my awareness.

I get so used to Indicas that put me to sleep (no matter the time of day) that I forget how a good Sativa feels — it’s like a whole new world! Strawberries & Cream alleviated my anxiety 100%. I was both reeeeeeally high and full of energy to actually do something while medicated.

Listening to music was bliss, almost like you could hear every sound individually…at the same time? While it rained relentlessly the entire day, I found myself glued to my new book getting lost in every page. Try being really high and reading about the cosmos and psyche! I was quite literally lost in every page.



This strain led me to believe that maybe I don’t hate Sativas after all. Who would’ve thought?! Happy Ogles only write about cannabis we love, so that says something. But I’ll go as far as to say Strawberries & Cream was one of the best highs I’ve had in a long time!

The flavor was delicious, the appearance was  gorgeous, and it smoked amazing! I love this one for a wake-and-bake that stimulates my creative thoughts, gives me a nice energy boost and doesn’t leave me feeling lag after the strong high.

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