Weezy’s Weed: Will ‘GKUA Kush’ Be a Hit for Oklahoma?

Weezy F. Baby the rap mogul has joined other celebs in the pot culture world with his own cannabis line. Originally debuting exclusively in California in 2019, the GKUA Ultra Premium brand recently expanded into the Midwest with GKUA Oklahoma. They boast about working with the most experienced growers who produce strains that are limited, extremely potent and rare.

“Weed inspires me and I’m all about spreading the love. The culture is thriving in Oklahoma, so I’m happy to bring them the quality and potency of that GKUA,” said Lil Wayne.

I was shocked to find that I could pick up a strain Lil’ Wayne smokes in good ol’ Midtown, Oklahoma City! Classen Kush House had four of Weezy’s strains to pick from, all priced at $40 per 1/8. GKUA is known for having crazy high THC percentages, and I’ll tell you: They weren’t lying!!

Meet GKUA Kush.

Grown in Oklahoma by Kind Okie, sourced from GKUA


  • GKUA Kush = Hybrid
  • $40/eighth @ Classen Kush House
  • 29.26% THC !!
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid (70% Indica/ 30% Sativa)
  • Happy, Uplifted, Relaxing, Euphoric Vibe
  • No known genetics for GKUA’s proprietary strains
  • Essence of lemon, spice and fruit


GKUA KUSH: Though the mystery stand as to what GKUA stands for, ‘good kush’ is as good a starting guess as any!

The color on these is striking! Bright green and dark violet buds, with strong orange pistils shining through. The nugs were smaller in size than I expected but still were very dense and ground up to be soft and supple between my fingers. The mossy, grass-like buds break up easily and my fingers are covered in kief!


This GKUA Kush was so pungent! Strong scents flood your nose…like pine and lime. It’s a citrus overload blunted by an undertone of cinnamon. This stuff was so potent it was almost spicy. It smells like a fresh summer day…possibly with some blooming lemon trees nearby. Very aromatic and crisp.

Weezy tests and approves the strains himself, before they hit the shelves

I used to just want to smoke to get high…”

“Now, I smoke to get inspired, with GKUA I’m sharing a feeling that I love.”

—Lil’ Wayne, on his new cannabis line


This high was something else! It was very enjoyable, providing an amazing balance between head and body high.

It started off slow and took a little time to trickle in, but once I was done with my joint, I was deeply relaxed. This strain was nice, because I felt like it provided a balanced high — somewhat mellow but still controllable. The euphoria is real.

I noticed that it helped me with any lingering anxiety, improved my appetite/nausea tremendously, and left me in a really good mood. Numbing to your senses almost, I found myself in situations observing calmly, rather than interacting.


This is a solid smoke that provides an all-around great, strong euphoric high. Particularly pungent, a couple of bowls will do even the heaviest smoker good. I can see GKUA Kush being perfect after a long day, but it’s balanced enough to use at the start of one — very versatile!

Even if you don’t take my word for it, I think you can trust the rapper who is always high, when he says this shit is good…I mean who knew you could smoke your favorite rapper’s weed for $40?!

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