Rainbow Runtz: The Pot at the End of the Rainbow

Like the apple to the tree, does the bud fall far from the cannabis plant? This is the question I intended to answer after I purchased my gram of Rainbow Runtz from The Joint Cannabis Club in NW OKC.

Rainbow Runtz’s father, Runtz, was Leafly’s number one strain of 2020. My Happy Ogle pal Milan reviewed Runtz back in March, which had me prepared to be put on my ass by this famed indica dominant spawn. As a prolific pot smoker, I have built up quite the tolerance to sativas, but wasn’t sure what this strain grown by Algoma Farms might have in store for me.

Meet Rainbow Runtz.


  • Genetics = Rainbow Chip x Runtz
  • Grown by Algoma Farms
  • Available at The Joint for $17.34/gram
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • 15% 25% THC
  • Known to help with…relaxation, insomnia, and pain due to higher presence of the terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene, and farnesene.
  • Ideal for strain for…calm nights at home, stress and pain management. Watching a funny flick. Light reading. Oklahoma sunsets on a patio. 
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Rainbow Runtz is much like its father, dense, clustered and jam packed with the purple buds common to indica-rich strains. I recommend asking the budtender at Joint Cannabis Club to put this candy under a light, so you can fully appreciate the sparkling beauty of its trichome crystals. To get past the coating of juicy terpenes and enjoy the purple colors of the bud, grind it up and take in the sea of purple and its pleasant aromas.


Upon opening the packaging, I was greeted with a sweet earthy smell probably coming from terpenes caryophyllene and terpineol. The sweetness smelled faintly of fresh citrus and slightly hoppy.


The taste of the bud overshadowed the citrus smell and with more floral undertones. This floral flavor may emanate from the terpene linalool. Once my taste buds moved past the initial earthiness of the hit, the floral nodes bloomed and lingered upon my tongue on the exhale.

Lost Ogle Trivia


Hits off this strain gave me no hard coughs and I could even hold in the smoke longer to experience the flavor. I felt more of a body high than a head high. My eyelids drooped with the uplift in mood, encouraged by a light floaty sensation, relaxed muscles, and a smirk I could not wipe off my face for several hours.


5 out of 5! Like its father, Rainbow Runtz gets a perfect score. I tend to only enjoy sativas, but I would purchase this indica again, because it gave me the relaxed feelings attributed to indicas without the couch crash. This is a beautiful strain under the spotlight and is a great indica for a sativa smoker looking for something different. You will feel the typical indica effects but will still be able to enjoy the adventures that come with finding this pot at the end of the rainbow.

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Runtz: The Pot at the End of the Rainbow

  1. Great review! By that I mean it was thorough. I admire the skill of being so technical and linguistically clear about subjective subjective topics such as flavor and smell.

  2. Reading this made me drool. Not my typical reaction to bud but holy moly does that sound good. Getting some as soon as possible!

  3. Splendid review! I appreciate the clarity of writing, as well as the inclusion of the author’s personal preference as a reference. I’m more of the indica type, so I’ll definitely be checking out Rainbow Runts!

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