7 Ways to Get Ready, Set, Go! for an Epic 4/20

AHHHH 4/20…less than a week away. If you think you can just show up to 4/20 without a plan…..well, you’re sadly mistakin’. And if you think you can then get high without said plan….well, throw the whole day away. But look no further- we’ve got your ultimate guide to the stoner’s holiday.


Shop for your pot now; don’t wait until the last minute to get your goods! Here are some deals sure to make 4/20 a little easier on your pockets…

Stability Cannabis Dispensary – Super Sale + Block Party 

  • Friday, April 16th 4-8 p.m.
  • 1043 S. Meridian Ave.
  • Food trucks, games & prizes
  • Deals:
    • $12.50 – Eighth of Perfect Ratio Nitro Can
    • $7 – Eighth of Stability Shake
    • $100 – Ounce of Stability Pre-Packed Flower
    • $17.99 – Eighths of Select Stability Flower

The Joint Cannabis Club – Top Shelf Eighths

  • 3628 NW 50th St. – OKC
  • 1004 N Main Street Suite #4 – NEWCASTLE
  • 5712 Industrial Blvd – EDMOND
  • Deal:
    • $34.86 OTD Eighths! (Top Shelf, 6 Strains)

Classen Kush House 4/20 Blowout

2) Make Plans

Things are slowly getting back to normal, and people miss you. Time for anyone who appreciates cannabis to celebrate. If you don’t gather a game plan, there likely won’t be one…so whether you’re celebrating alone or gathering with like-minded friends who enjoy toking, we’ll all be celebrating. There are endless ways to commemorate 420, even if it’s in a more intimate setting than years past.

Lost Ogle Trivia

3) Curate a 420 Playlist

I think we can all agree music sounds better when you’re high, so it only makes sense to have a perfectly curated playlist ready. Here are some personal 420 favorites…

WOOZIE THC Infused Oil is available at Fire Leaf dispensaries

4.) Make Edibles

Smoke it, vape it, dab it, eat it — there have never been more ways to consume cannabis. Arguably one of the most fun is in edible form, easily sending you into another dimension in as little as 30 minutes. There are many ways to make your own or buy some from your dispensary, and it’s basically essential if you’re looking to spice up your 420!

My favorite way to make edibles is to spike a classic recipe with tasteless WOOZY oil (available in 100mg servings). If your 420 ambitions are blunted by laziness, just spike a La Croix with Happy Sap sweet agave nectar and sip up. Both of these Outlaw Edibles products are available at any of Fire Leaf dispensary’s eight statewide locations.

5.) Binge on Stoner Movies/ TV Shows

You may want to pick your strains for 420 wisely, or you could end up couch-locked or bedridden this holiday, but shoot maybe that’s what you want! Here are some perfect things to watch when you’re stoned.

  • Grass is Greener: (Netflix) An incredible documentary directed by Fab 5 Freddy on cannabis in the Black music scene and how weed’s criminalization was and still is an attack on African Americans and other minority communities.
  • Traveling the Stars: (VICE TV) A show following Action Bronson and his friends, as they get super stoned and watch Ancient Aliens. Yep. That’s the show. And it’s HILARIOUS!
  • Bong Appetite (VICE TV): Eating and smoking go almost hand in hand, so what’s better than watching notable chefs prepare top-of-the-line cannabis-infused meals? It’s so interesting to see all the ways you can incorporate cannabis into food. I could watch this for hours!
  • The Eric Andre Show (Adult Swim): Watching Eric Andre’s Show stoned out of your mind is the ONLY way! He’s batshit crazy but hilarious and doing something in comedy that’s never been done before. Hiiiiiiiiiighly recommend.
  • Dude, Where’s My Car? (Hulu): How could this not be on the list!? The whole movie is a trip, and just goes to show that smoking weed will make you do dumb shit, and make even dumber movies – haha.

Lost Ogle Trivia

6.) Prepare for MUNCHIES

There’s one thing that’s guaranteed for 420…and that’s the munchies. Making sure you have the right snacks on hand for such an occasion is essential. Yes, getting snacks beforehand and keeping them close is key, but even smart stoners end up with snack emergencies. Here’s your 911 for munchies — these deals are only available on 4/20.

  • Insomnia Cookies is baking up a 420 deal you won’t want to miss! For $4.20 on 4/20 you can order a warm, 6 count of freshly baked cookies to be delivered to your door.
  • Del Taco might only be good while you’re high, but on 4/20 you can get 10 value tacos for $4.20!

7.) Prepare to Enjoy Yourself

Knock out all prior obligations ahead of time, so you have the day to fully enjoy yourself. You’ll also want to choose your strains for 420 wisely, maybe a nice Sativa or Hybrid for your day, and saving those hard-hitting Indicas for when you’re ready to wind down.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, the expectations are really high, and I hope you are too! 😉 Here’s to a HAPPY 4/20.

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