Happy 4/20! Here’s How to Save $200+ on Your Med Card Renewal

4/20 is the happiest day of the year…unless you let your Oklahoma medical marijuana patient card expire. 😬 We can help you fix that.

Here are the five cheapest spots we could find for a basic physician recommendation — and one to avoid at all costs. We have some new names and deals in this edition, and one of them is FREE to Veterans…

Lost Ogle Trivia

Cheapest Oklahoma Cannabis Docs Right Now:

1. Chronic Docs – $25 

And the others…

2. Cheap Med Cards – $49

3. Hometown Urgent Care Mustang – $50 in person

For this one you’ll have to get in your car and drive just East of OKC, but if you need it FAST and cheap for half the price most pot docs charge, head to 731 E State Highway 152, Mustang, Oklahoma 73064. Not sure if this makes it better or worse, but there is a Taco Mayo next door.

4. Green Online Doctor Evals – $70 ($50 Vets, $20 Hospice)

5. Bloom Healthcare – $75 (Veterans pay $0)

One to Avoid at All Costs:

Doctors of Cannabis – $245

These doctors make my Hall of Goddamn Shame for charging so much for the BASIC physician recommendation. Weed-related math is hard, but Doctors of Cannabis charge roughly TEN TIMES the price of #1 on this list — for the EXACT SAME SERVICE. Nope.

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