Terple 14: You Can Judge This Bud by Its Color

The other day I stopped by Stem on the N. May Ave. ‘Mile of Marijuana’ in Oklahoma City. I was looking for a good time, and boy did I find it! Being my neighborhood dispensary, it’s typical to find that I’ve tried all the strains they have on hand. But Terple 14 caught my eye by surprise. I’m talking breathtakingly beautiful buds that look so crazy you just have to try!

Stability Cannabis grew this gorgeous ganja, crossing two of my favorite strains — Tropicana Cookies, a pungent Sativa-Hybrid, and Slurricane, a sweet Indica-Hybrid — to create Terple 14.

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Terple 14 PROFILE

  • 20.02 % THC
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Grown by Stability Cannabis
  • $11-12 per gram
  • Helps with Nausea/Increasing Appetite, Depression, Body Pains/Aches
  • Mood-Elevating, Relaxing, Happy, Balanced High


These colors aren’t just for show! I swear as beautiful as the pictures are, they almost STILL don’t do them justice. These buds are just unbelievable, completely covered in the darkest violet with bright orange and lime pistils growing out from each corner. I’ve truly never seen anything like it — such rich colored buds that sparkle like no other!


Having tried and loved both parent strains before, I knew exactly what to expect with their love child. And it’s heavenly! A beautiful mixture of blueberries and lemons, with notes of herbs and pine. SO Sweet and fruity when you inhale, but earthy as you exhale.


I rolled this bad baby into a joint and within minutes I felt relaxed, physically and mentally. The high crept up on me slowly…building and building. Terple 14 put me in a great mood, really took care of some body pains I had, and calmed my body down without being entirely sedated. I like that I was still clear-headed and somewhat productive.


I really enjoyed this strain; it’s everything you could want in an Indica-Hybrid: A peaceful, relaxed, happy high that won’t put you to sleep. A really tasty, very smooth smoke that hit great. Terple 14 delivers a pleasing combination of head-and body-high without being overwhelming. This mood-elevating, de-stressing strain is good for day and even better for evening, with enough Indica properties to keep you in the chill spot.

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