Meet The Mother of OGs: Oklahoma-Grown Ghost OG

It’s a gloomy afternoon as I sit down to select the perfect smoke to satisfy all my hopes and desires. I have a couple new strains in my re-upped stash box and decide to try the mysterious-sounding Ghost OG.

Descendant of the strain that changed weed culture, OG Kush, and the famous Afghani, Ghost OG is said to be a true native of the Hindu Kush Mountains and one of the world’s most popular strains. This star-crossed parentage almost seems too obvious…too perfect.

Let’s see what happens when Ghost OG comes down from the mountains and into the Oklahoma plains…

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  • 23.86 % THC
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid (70/30)
  • Okie grown by Stability Cannabis
  • $10.99/gram
  • Helps with Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Depression
  • Heavy body high, ideal for chronic pain
  • Best for Evening/ Nighttime
  • Strong sedative properties
  • Some stimulating/social qualities


My stash of Ghost OG, grown by Stability Cannabis

I’ll be honest: I had my doubts. At first glance, the buds appear small and compact, but I’ve learned to never judge entirely on looks — especially size. A bouquet of yellows and bright greens cover the bud, with orange pistils accenting.

Bursts of color aside, the glistening trichomes are what truly make this flower stand out. It looks fantastically frosty…even ghosty. To my surprise, these multi-colored wonders grind up to be very soft and supple!


These buds took my nose on a daydream of sweet floral and pungent fresh orange scents, made increasingly complex by grassy and earthy notes and hints of crisp, almost spicy pine. The scent is very pleasant and reminds me of the fresh air in between a stretch of valleys or a mountainside. The sweet scent definitely carries into the taste, leaving a fruity orange-lemon citrus flavor behind. This is a smooth, earthy, fruity smoke.


After just a few inhales off my joint, I feel very relaxed and have an almost body-numbing kind of high (I can’t stress this effect enough for those with chronic pain). Now, don’t let the name fool you; Ghost OG is no creeper! The effects hit fast and strong, calming my nerves almost instantly. It wasn’t necessarily debilitating, but it was a very powerful high — and that’s coming from a girl with the THC tolerance of a gorilla.

So let it be known that more than a little could very well send you into sedation. For this reason, I recommend you do not follow my example; instead, maybe spark up Ghost OG in the evening, instead.


Ghost OG is officially on my list of go-to strains…a very unique and satisfying high that covers all the bases! While what I love most about this high is the ridiculously strong Indica properties, what makes Ghost OG stand apart is the genuine laughter and interest in socializing that came with it. The sativa shines through.

Although my body was buzzy-numb, I didn’t feel limp and lifeless. It’s my ideal high: Physically and mentally relaxed with a strong body buzz, alleviating all tension in my body, while still feeling social and affable. Ghost OG really is a great hybrid with truly the best of both worlds. This strain is top tier in my books!

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