Brzrkr, My Love for You Is Like a Sativa Truck

Would you like to smoke some pot, Berserker?

Next time someone starts to say they don’t like Sativas, just let it be known: They haven’t tried Brzrkr. Coming to this review as a heavy Indica smoker, I am always skeptical of trying a new Sativa. But this strain just may have converted me.

Meet Brzrkr.


  • 19.1% THC
  • 1.2% Terpenes
  • Sativa-Dominant
  • Grown by Culture & Cannabis in Bixby, Oklahoma
  • $35/eighth at Cvltivation Club in Midtown, OKC
  • Creative, Energizing, Euphoric High
  • Helps with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite
  • Ideal Daytime Strain
  • Excellent Pre-Workout Smoke

Lost Ogle Trivia


Brzrkr buds, grown by Culture & Cannabis in Bixby, Oklahoma

Brzrkr and other strains from Culture & Cannabis (Las Vegas and Oklahoma markets) come pre-sealed in a serious display of packaging flex. Bright branding. And inside? Many different hues of green come together in these large, bulbous buds all covered in a blanket of glittering trichomes.

When paired with its strong pine fragrance, the frosty trichomes dancing over the neon and forest green exterior is like a Christmas tree covered in tinsel…which we think pairs well with Wayne Coyne.


Get in my bong!! Typical of Sativas, I was overwhelmed with strong aromas of fresh pine and diesel, with accents of lime. The earthy pine scent is so pungent it reminds me of pure pine tree sap, and even more so after exhaling a breath of woodsy and herbal flavors. Yesssss!


Brzrkr was a very refreshing high for me — it’s very vibrant and motivates creativity. One of the magical things about this strain is its ability to get you going and inspire you to do something different. For me, stimulating your creative juices is the best for getting the day started!

The strong psychoactive properties make this strain key for days when you’re feeling off or slow and need a nice pick-me-up. No joke, Brzrkr is even great before a workout!


Phenomenal strain without any of the anxiety or worries Sativas can sometimes bring on! It’s a superb Sativa strain that will have your head in the clouds — with just a hint of Indica to keep your feet on the ground. A very potent, energizing high with great energy, Brzrkr was soothing my soul after just a couple of bong rips.

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