Julius Caesar: Ambitious As Ever, the Best Indica I Smoked This Week

What pairs better with gloomy rain showers than a hard-hitting Indica? I’ll tell ya…nothing! So if this dreary weather has you down, let Julius Caesar lift your spirits. This strain’s genetics promise to make it a burst of California sunshine on an overcast Oklahoma day.

Of all the cannabis I smoked this week, I’m most pleased to introduce you to the pedigreed offspring of two of the Golden State’s most legendary strains, SoCal Master Kush and SFV OG Kush.

Julius Caesar buds spill from the jar
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  • Indica-Dominant
  • 26.56 % THC
  • $15 per gram at Green Escape in Nichols Hills, OKC
  • Grown by Cali Connections
  • Powerful chilling effect — best for medicating late afternoon/evening
  • Helps with Anxiety, Depression, Nausea,  Stress, ADHD, Insomnia
  • Assassinated my Body Pain
  • Instant Mood Lifter!
  • Euphoric + Social vibe settles into a Sedated Paradise


My stash of Julius Caesar, grown by Cali Connection

The Julius Caesar buds are dense, compact nuggets that have a gooey, super sticky center as I break them apart. A colorful spectrum of deep violets and chartreuse encompass the bud, with orange pistils spattered all over. It sparkled even in the cloudy weather, so densely covered in trichomes they looked icy!


This smells like what I imagine it would be like in a treehouse in the Amazon rainforest after a gentle storm: Crisp and tropical, with wafts of Earth and herbs in the mix. The aroma is distinct and complex, with notes of tropical fruit and berries…overcast by strong earthy vibes like mint, pine, and pepper. Julius’ flavor profile is as bold as its namesake implies, leaving its strong taste lingering on your tongue.


Powerful and bold like the Roman Emperor himself, this potent high translated into total relaxation and bliss. If you’re looking for an instant mood booster (who isn’t?), you can appreciate Julius for its ability to turn your day around. It did mine! It pairs well with a good movie, good music, or good people — all depending on the mood you’re in.

And if you’re looking for a strain with an array of health benefits, this one’s definitely for you!! I swear it took care of every complaint — including a lingering pit of existential dread — but especially helped with body pain.


This strain reminds me of the first time I got high, without all the messiness and paranoia. Its Indica properties are heavy on the body but not on the mind. Julius Caesar delivered a heavy, relaxing body high that came with complete mental clarity — something not typical with heavy Indica strains. The initial high leaves you feeling euphoric and sociable, before it quickly settles into a sedated paradise.

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