Why Oklahoma Tokers Love Super Lemon Haze

Each week, I seek out cannabis adventures with both obscure and acclaimed strains and pick my favorite to tell you about. Today, I’m writing about my bud tender’s favorite strain — Super Lemon Haze — which is now my favorite strain as well!

But what is it that makes Super Lemon Haze stand out from other Sativas… what is behind this famously-awarded strain Okies can’t get enough of? We’re looking at you, Patrick…

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  • 23.51% THC
  • 2.5% Terp
  • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • Lemon Skunk x Super Haze
  • Grown by Stability Cannabis
  • $31.99 per eighth via Stability
  • Two-time Cannabis Cup Winner (!)
  • Helps with Depression, Mood Swings, Migraines, ADHD, Fatigue
  • Perfect Wake & Bake / Daytime Smoke
  • Energizing, Euphoric, Unique High


Open up the lid on Super Lemon Haze, and it’s like bobbing for lemons in a can of Lysol. Strongly astringent, your nose is overwhelmed with pungent tart lemon flavors so zesty they’re almost spicy. The fresh smell carries into the citrus taste very similarly, with airy sweet and sour notes reminding me of Lemon Heads.


Dark velvety green buds with scraggly long burnt orange pistils that taper down. They resemble mossy little rocks in a lush jungle… if jungles were dusted in a layer of kief. 


Super Lemon Haze was a potent, invigorating high. I felt productive, with a wave of creative ideas and the energy and curiosity to explore them. I would say this is a bit of a creeper. Though the effects are certainly felt immediately, another wave crashed over me shortly after the first, and I wondered, Does this thing just keep going?

I never thought I would find a smoke comparable to drinking a cup of Death Wish coffee. This stuff is cannabis for living! I was alert, focused, and had the motivation and power to accomplish anything at hand.

This may be a good time to admit I am always wary of being too alert or possibly anxious when smoking Sativas. But Super Lemon Haze left me in good, high spirits, with just enough Indica attributes to have my body buzzed and relaxed.


Another gong-banger from Stability, Super Lemon Haze is a unique experience… a great Sativa for active people, providing a very clean, clear-headed high with full focus and extreme productivity. I’m discovering that I love Sativas when they’re versatile enough to get something done, or if you’re looking to kick back and hone in on some good music or a movie.

SLH gave me a sense of really appreciating my surroundings and feeling more connected to everything around me. Beautiful. Stability has cultivated a special smoke, here, that I boldly recommend to add high energy and mental euphoria to your day. One of a kind.

And know I know why Oklahomans love Super Lemon Haze.

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