SFV OG: A Tornado of Terpenes via San Fernando Valley

A West Coast classic native to the glitzy California valley it’s named after and close relative to the OG Kush family, San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG) sure has made a name for itself. Growers are always in search of the next remarkable strain, crossing countless strains with a multitude of effects leaving the possibilities endless — it makes cannabis such an adventure!

Some of the best Oklahoma-grown strains I’ve reviewed recently, such as Julius Caesar and Super Lemon Haze, also trace their roots to California, so the expectations for SFV OG are high… almost as high as this strain’s terpene profile. Let’s take her for a smoke.

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  • 24.27% THC
  • 3.19% Terp
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Oklahoma grown by Culture & Cannabis 
  • $30 per eighth from Cultivation Club in Midtown, OKC
  • Helps with Body Aches/ Pain, Fatigue, Stress, Depression, Anxiety
  • Potent, Invigorating, yet Calming high 
  • Versatile, well suited for all day!


Extremely potent, the fragrance comes bursting from the sealed pack with nature fresh scents; crisp pine, tangy lime and lemon flavors are strong. With nearly 3.2% terpenes, I expect a powerful punch in the nose, and I get it.

Sharp, sweet and refreshing, it reminds me of a fresh conifer tree. Smooth smoke with a classic taste, very gassy with strong citrus flavors overshadowing.


Falling perfectly in line with my expectations based on the aroma, these SFV OG buds are mostly large, dense, tree-like buds with a beautiful blend of army, forrest and olive greens. Its nicely dusted with a fine layer of resin evenly coating the exterior.


I shouldn’t even be surprised — every strain from the pre-packaged Culture & Cannabis line has been a bonafide hit! It’s hard to come by an evenly spread hybrid that has the perfect combination of both, but they sure did it! The Sativa picks you up for a lovely start with a calming buzz, vitalizing your mind and body, and a nice Indica finish leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Everything seems happier and brighter with SFV OG.


SFV OG is a real winner! Supplying a functional, flexible high — ready to take on whatever you have planned, with well-balanced properties that can work all day. Excellent for relieving pain and stress, all while keeping your mind clear.

You won’t be hyper-alert, but that’s what I like about this hybrid: It’s just enough to keep you energized, interested, and maybe off the couch. Another 5-star star from Culture & Cannabis for the books! 

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