Stuck on Gorilla Glue #4: The Stickiest Icky of All

Unless you got your OMMA card yesterday, you’ve probably heard of award-winning Gorilla Glue and it’s many variants (and talent for gluing you to the couch). But with so many crosses and genetics possible, you really have to find the Gorilla Glue that checks all your boxes. GG4 is rumored to be the most potent of the GG family — lets find out!


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The smell of GG4 is like walking into a flower shop and being overwhelmed with fresh, sweet, and earthy flavors. Punch! 🤜👃 After discovering the genetics (Chem’s Sister x Sour Dub x Chocolate Diesel), it’s no wonder the mocha and spices flavors are so present with strong citrus and pine undertones.


GG4 sits still for an extreme closeup

There are a few buds out there that quite literally take my breath away, and GG4 is one of them. Plump and fluffy, this beauty is drenched in a frosty layer of resin with trichomes that glisten in the sunlight.

Aptly coined, “Original Glue,” these are the stickiest buds I’ve ever reviewed — so resinous they were a chore to grind up, getting glued to my grinder. That’s a pretty, pretty, pretty good problem to have.


GG4 gave me a creatively enlightened high that was powerful and jolly, with an intense body high (buzzy, almost numb) and tranquil mind. If you medicate in the morning for pain, I suggest a small dose to avoid being unable or unwilling to leave your couch.This one’s a heavy hitter — that I can definitely attest to!

GG4 was potent enough to bring me back to life after a terrifying encounter the other morning with lights flicking on and off…and a chair spinning slowly (360-degrees!) all on is own. WTF. Petrified with panic (and in need of a serious sage smudging), I loaded a bowl of this GG4… and within minutes of my otherworldly freak scene, my nerves were comfortably numbed, and my mind was clear with positive, radiating energy.


Maaaan! GG4 is a new favorite of mine for sure. I’m committed to keeping a stash of this for long, stressful days when I seriously need to decompress. If it can ghostbust (maybe) and erase existential dread (💯), it can smooth off the edges from a rough day at the office.

GG4 is famous for being a perfect hybrid to keep you engaged, happy, and relaxed. Good genes, I guess you could say. But I gotta give it up to the grower: These buds were massive and frosty and stickier than any I’ve ever touched. A smoke this special is way more than genetics, it’s craft cultivation.


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