Battle of Oklahoma’s Top Shelf Indicas: Which Is #1?

In the mood to find my perfect summertime vibe, I hit up Stem, located at 2901 NW 63rd St. in Oklahoma City, and hand-selected the craziest looking — and smelling — Indica flower from the Platinum Tier. It wasn’t a shock that the tippy-top of Stem’s top shelf was loaded with strains grown by Stability, but it was unintentional for sure.

I smoked four of Stem’s super fly Oklahoma Indicas (tough gig) and reviewed and ranked them just for you. Let’s count down to the best Indica in town…

#4. Platinum GG

Platinum GG


  • Indica-Dominant
  • Genetics- Gorilla Glue #4 x Platinum Kush
  • 31.96% THC

AROMA: A layered, complex flavor; funky, zesty, gassy & earthy all at the same time.

APPEARANCE: Plump green popcorn buds with a plethora of bronze hairs and sprinkled in a layer of trichome crystals.

EFFECTS: A relaxing, mellow experience compared to its competitors. It wasn’t what I was expecting after having reviewed its parent, GG4 (The Laughing Goat has a great one — the most potent I’ve smoked)!! Platinum GG helped alleviate pain & nausea leaving my body feeling at ease. It was a pleasant smoke that just didn’t hold as high as the rest. 


#3. Orange Flambé

Orange Flambé


  • Indica-Hybrid 
  • Genetics: Gene pool includes Peach OG, Super Skunk and Orange Blossom
  • 17.00 % THC

AROMA: Pungent pine & tart lime scents with hints of sweet lemon.

APPEARANCE: A+ for looks these buds are massive and gorgeous, they remind me of Chihuly sculptures, overwhelming with light and color. Those bright burnt orange pistils are the main attraction as they beautifully decorate the frosty elongated bud. 

EFFECTS: A smooth smoke, this hybrid has the perfect Sativa aspects that lead on a lighter feeling high for your body & mind. I think there are great qualities for relieving pain, elevating your mood, and relaxing your body. 


#2. Power Sherb

Power Sherb


  • Indica-Dominant (70/30)
  • Genetics: Sherb x Cookies & Cream
  • 30.00% THC !!

AROMA: Musky wood & pine flavors with hints of rich chocolate.

APPEARANCE: Dense colorful violet and chartreuse nuggets, although small in size they still packed the punch!

EFFECTS: A long-lasting potent high with a powerful body & head high sure to leave you in a sedated bliss. Now, I wouldn’t count on Power Sherb giving you the power to do anything but enjoy your surroundings. Ideal for evening use to unwind & calm your senses.


#1. GMO



  • Indica-Dominant
  • Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdawg
  • 33.57% THC !!!

AROMA: Sweet & fruity with earthy notes — smells exactly like an iced tea.

APPEARANCE: This strain had interesting multi-colored buds, producing some dark purple and some light green nugs… all within the same batch.  

EFFECTS: A real winner!! My god this strain is potent! GMO starts out very uplifting, then drifts off into an intense head rush with euphoric sensations and heavy eyelids coming on. Ultimately I felt more positive Sativa aspects in GMO than Power Sherb, not too much but just enough to make a difference between the two. A stimulating heavy hitter, and top-quality strain that I will be coming back to. 

OVERALL: 10/10!!!


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