Ice Cube’s New Infused Pre-Roll: “I’m gonna get you high today.”

You’ll thank god It’s FRYDAY — on a Wednesday — with Ice Cube’s new infused preroll.

After rave reviews and insistent recommendations, I had to get my hands on some Fryday Kush, from the new cannabis line Ice Cube developed with Caviar Gold. It’s been sold out. So you know it was a good day when Classen Kush House had a fresh supply!

Friyay Kush (Indica) + Good Day (Sativa) infused prerolls from Ice Cube’s new line

There’s a whopping 631 mg of THC per joint, filled with top-of-the-line bud and infused with 98% pure liquid THC. Both strains, Good Day Kush (Sativa) & Fryday Kush (Indica), are “Made with that good stuff” Ice Cube promises.

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I was able to get my hands on some Fryday Kush and let me tell you it was an experience…

Fryday Kush Profile

  • 42.44 % THC
  • 10.78 % CBD
  • $23.28 per 1.5g pre-roll
  • Indica-Heavy
  • Ideal Evening/ Nighttime strain because of extremely high potency

So, How’d It Smoke?

Given the hefty $23+ price point, I was intrigued by the slight size of the joint, wondering what magic could possibly hidden away inside that would justify its expense. I stopped questioning when I loosened up my pre-roll and noticed how soft and moist the flower packed inside was — that liquid THC ain’t no joke!

The smoke was a little harsh but ultimately worth the temporary discomfort my lungs had to suffer.

Fryday Kush is full of natural tasting notes, very grassy and earthy, with pungent floral flavors that layer interestingly. I can even taste hints of grapes, creating a very unique combination that blends surprisingly well.

I absolutely LOVE this strain! After just a single pull I began to feel a strong cerebral high come on, while my eyes start to feel too heavy to keep open. With ease Fryday Kush took away my troubles and instantly raised my spirits.

It doesn’t take much before you start disconnecting from your surroundings and find yourself formed as one with your couch. You can count on a quality Indica smoking experience: The effects are heavy and long-lasting, making this strain perfect for taking away chronic pain and stress.

Extremely sedating and mind-numbing, Fryday Kush left me floating for hours. I can confidently say it’s the strongest weed I’ve ever smoked. And probably the most expensive. Bottom line: A worthy weekend splurge or gift, there is zero chance this smoke doesn’t deliver.

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