Sage OG: Viva Our New Favorite Sativa!

Week after week, smoking so many different strains… they can all start to blend together. But Sage OG stuck out like a sore thumb. There is bud you smoke every day, and then there is bud you break out on a special occasion. Sage OG is that special occasion smoke — my dream bud.

I’d heard the buzz about Private Reserve Gardens’ grow prowess, but Holy shit!


  • 23.12% THC
  • Sativa-Dominant
  • Genetics: OG Kush x S.A.G.E (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium)
  • $37 per eighth at Grade A Dispensary
  • Grown by Private Reserve Gardens
  • Energy-packed & uplifting yet relaxing high
  • Pairs well with company, your to-do list, or a good book/movie — very mentally stimulating!
  • Helps with Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Fatigue, Stress


Pungent, gassy flavors of sharp pine are at the forefront: Scents you would smell while walking straight through a crisp pine forest… but when combined with sweet lemon & lime scents behind it, they give off a strong fruity flavor like a fresh pack of Skittles.

Sage OG tastes like a rainbow if I ever had one — flavors just like it smells: Subtle citrus notes like lemon & lime with a strong earthy, pine taste carrying through.


Mossy, yellow-green layers all throughout the large, dense nug, while a frosty lime green layer beautifully coats the top. I’ve heard some say Sage OG is perfect for making concentrates because of its extra shiny crystals their plants carry. I don’t doubt it for a second; Sage OG, when ground up, became moist and spongy in between my fingers and clumped up loading a bowl or joint.


Blissful and mood-elevating high carrying bright and optimistic energy, yet calming and relaxing you at the same time. Relaxed AND uplifted?! Anything is possible. The dual mind and body high create the perfect smoke for me, with complete mental relief and that strong but soothing body buzz.

I couldn’t ask for anything more. Light as a feather and high as a kite, Sage OG is surprisingly potent for how light and airy the smoke feels. It eliminated my pain with powerful body effects without knocking me out.


This strain does it beyond all expectations. One hell of a smoke; it hits really hard and is very long-lasting, even with a high tolerance. I like this Sativa because it’s very versatile. It’s not just perfect for a wake and bake but maybe even a nightcap! The Sativa qualities aren’t overbearing and compliment the Indica qualities very well.

If you can find Sage OG by PR Gardens, get it — you won’t regret it!!


One thought on “Sage OG: Viva Our New Favorite Sativa!

  1. This would be my choice of weed if it ever becomes legalized here in Indiana. I’ll be so glad to see Eric Holcombs last term. And I will not be voting anybody in office that doesn’t believe in legalizing marijuana that’s for sure and I’m damn sure a lot of Indiana Hoosiers are behind me on this because 64% of Indiana Hoosiers are wanting marijuana legalized either it be medical marijuana or full legalizing.

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